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How the UK is consuming CBD since COVID-19



More than 60 percent of those who have tried CBD found it to be effective at treating anxiety

Almost half of UK CBD-users have increased their consumption since the pandemic, according to new data.

A recent poll has found that more than a third (33 percent) of Britons have tried CBD products, while 42 percent have increased their usage since the outbreak of Covid-19.

More than 60 percent of those surveyed said they had found CBD products to be effective, with anxiety the most common reason for using them.

The data from global market research company Pipslay, comes as a CBD companies report seeing a surge in sales since the pandemic hit and the subsequent lockdown restrictions came into force.

A recent industry report predicted that the US market would reach $20billion by 2024, with online retailers thriving as people turn to alternative remedies to help manage stress and anxiety brought on by Covid.


Findings by Piplsay global market research

But it’s not just the online market which is booming.

Naturally North CBD, which has a shop in Newcastle upon Tyne, has seen a huge take up since they reopened following lockdown this summer.

According to owner Claire Macauley more than half of her customers are now using CBD for anxiety-related issues.

“Since we reopened over 50 percent of my customers are currently taking CBD for anxiety and that is across all age ranges,” she said.

While the survey reported that 56 percent of Millennials and 40 percent of Gen Zers have increased their use of CBD since the pandemic, Claire has seen the older generation becoming more open to it too.

“It’s not just young people who are taking it for anxiety-related issues, I’m seeing a shift to the older generation becoming much more open to what it can do and they are now very willing to try it,” she continued.

“It is without a doubt down to the pandemic and the pressure that people are under. I’ve had a lot of customers coming in saying they have run a business for 20 years, or been in the same job and are experiencing anxiety for the first time.

“All of a sudden they’re not sleeping, they can’t switch off and rather than getting sleeping tablets, they’re looking for alternative remedies.”

Claire believes the latest figures are a good indication that the stigma associated with CBD and cannabis-based medicines is being broken down on a much bigger scale.

“There is definitely much less stigma compared to when we opened a year ago and no one knew what CBD was,” she added.

“The younger generation know much more about it, because CBD is such a popular product online, and that is filtering down to their parents and grandparents.

“I get 70 and 80-year-olds suffering with arthritis coming in saying my grandchildren told me to come in and speak to you, and anxiety is no different.

Of the 12,075 people polled by Pipslay, 54 percent of men have been using CBD for anxiety and depression as compared to 46 percent of women.

Aches and pains were the next most common reason for trying CBD, followed by sleep disorders, with oils, sprays and creams the most popular consumption methods.

Only 10 percent of respondents said they were not aware of CBD at all.


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