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How to know if CBD is working for you



Sweet Pink CBD is showing you what to expect when you try CBD for the first time
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CBD as a health and well-being product is just growing – all the time. The power of the plant is now in everything from clothing, to oils, to food, writes Sweet Pink CBD.

But – if you’re new to CBD, you might have a few questions before you start taking it. For example – how to know if CBD is working.

CBD interacts with our bodies natural Endocannabinoid System – which plays a huge part in regulating our neuro and physiological processes including our appetite, response to pain and ability to sleep well.

Here’s the thing – you shouldn’t expect CBD to work straight away. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ – isn’t that what people always say?

Let us take you through an introduction to CBD and what you can expect if you’re new to it.

Dosing and taking – what’s right for you?

Before you purchase any form of CBD, you might want to consider which way you’d prefer to take it. Many people find it easier to take tinctured CBD oil – just a couple of drops a day.

Tinctured oils are often the best way to get CBD into your bloodstream quicker. However, some people find they don’t necessarily like the taste.

Just like so many other brands, Sweet Pink have developed a range of CBD topicals to make sure everyone has access to the power of the plant. We used natural, organically grown ingredients and hand-make everything to ensure it is perfect.

Whether you’d prefer to soak in CBD while you bath, or apply a massage oil after exercising – we have you covered.

Keep track of your well-being

When people start working out, they usually start to track their weight on the scales or record their measurements. If you’re new to taking CBD and want to know if it’s working well with your body, it’s an idea to record what method you used to take CBD each day and how you felt throughout. Our friend, Dr Callie Seaman, has recently released a 90-day wellness planner – My Canna Wellness Journal – to help you keep track of your progress. Check it out here.

Take it from Sweet Pink customer, Joanna: “My sister’s used CBD for a while. I thought it was just a fad trend she’d started, but I thought, just try it and see what happens.

“I started with the Body Buzz Massage Oil – I suffer with shin splints and inflammation when running. After a week, I noticed that I was feeling less and less pain while out running. Not only this, but the inflammation in my legs would reduce much quicker than ever before.”

For people who don’t live with a form of chronic pain, taking CBD on a regular basis could see changes to their mood, anxiety levels and sleep patterns within a few days or a couple of weeks.

Don’t compromise on quality

Because CBD has become more of a trend, many companies have started selling CBD products – but are cutting corners, or aren’t providing a quality product. This doesn’t only lead to people finding zero benefits, it also means people lose faith in the plant as a method of self-care.

High-quality CBD products aren’t cheap to produce. If the price is low compared to other brands, you’ll know what you’re looking at is compromised.

Reputable brands will also tell you how much CBD is in their product – just look at the label. The higher the number, the more potent the product – the better chance you have in receiving the benefits of the product.

Sweet Pink CBD are one of the few who use whole-plant extracts, not CBD isolates. Our bottles of CBD oil contain the cannabinoids and terpenes required to make the oil more effective. We also use miron violet-glass, a unique biophotonic glass packaging for natural products. This special glass protects our CBD oil from light, ensuring the longevity of the product inside. Using this glass, our CBD oils last longer and the cannabinoid it contains will not be as subject to the natural degradation that occurs in other bottles.

When purchasing CBD products, it is important to ensure the products you’re buying are from a safe, trusted brand. At Sweet Pink, our analytical reports are available for download, and all our products are developed with only natural, plant-based ingredients. 

Available to buy online, Sweet Pink’s range of luxurious natural products make ideal presents for friends and family, or for your own self-care and wellness routine.

From energising CBD infused bath bombs to relaxing massage and bath oils, choose CBD you can trust.