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Sweet Pink CBD: How to find your calm with CBD & yoga



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Combining CBD with yoga can calm the senses and help you cope with these challenging times, write the experts at Sweet Pink CBD.

As we continue to battle-through the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, many people are feeling increasingly anxious, tired and low on morale. Who can blame them?

We’re busy balancing homeschooling and work, finding things to do to keep everyone entertained and trying our best to exercise indoors. The cold weather isn’t helping either.

Many people have turned to self-care in recent months, adding yoga and meditation into the mix. But, not many people know combining CBD with yoga can calm the senses and give a heightened experience of relaxation.

Feeling anxious?

Feelings of anxiety can hinder productivity, lower the mood and often leave people feeling stressed or not sleeping well. It can be challenging to get on top of the feelings of anxiety.

Yoga is an age-old exercise which requires the mind to ‘check-in’, address all feelings of anxiety and move forwards with peace. Similar to yoga, CBD has the benefits of calming, relaxation and reduce anxiety.

How many times have you started a yoga session but have been unable to switch off to the outside world, switch off to your own thoughts and become totally zen? Well, CBD can help.

The different cannabinoids which make up CBD, work in various ways with the bodies natural Endocannabinoid system.

CBD interacts with the ECS to produce more natural cannabinoids to balance the body and produce an anti-inflammatory response.

How do CBD and yoga work together?

Although yoga hasn’t changed much since it began – a very long time ago – it continues to promote inner awareness. However, with movements in science we have now discovered other benefits yoga has on the body.

These crossover with some of the benefits of CBD, making the two a perfect pair. The shared benefits include:

  • An improved mind-body connection
  • Increased focus
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Inner awareness

Research has shown people practicing yoga on a weekly basis, improved their feelings towards stress, anxiety and quality of life.

Some research has found many people believe yoga – combined with CBD – reduces pain levels in the body, whether that’s altering the pain itself or just the reaction to it. Either way, it’s a positive.

Our founder, Tannine, often takes a dose of CBD before beginning her yoga practice, she says: “CBD enables you to move more freely throughout your yoga practice, quieting the mind and enjoying the session more.

“And of course, there are also so many anti-inflammatory benefits, reducing any aches and pains you may experience post-yoga.”

Find your CBD

Where should you start? The best way to experience positive results of both CBD and Yoga is with a CBD oil, dropping 10-15mg under the tongue.

Tinctures often work quicker, as the CBD is absorbed straight into the blood stream. However massage oils, balms or gels also work – but may take around 20-minutes to kick-in.

While CBD – or yoga – isn’t a cure for anxiety, the two can certainly reduce the effects anxiety has on the mind and body. Something everyone could benefit from as we continue to work our way through the new-normal way of life.

Sweet Pink CBD was founded to provide people with access to premium, hand-made, organic CBD products, and we want to help people find the right CBD for them.

We aim to provide people with access to the power of the plant, information about CBD and how to correctly use it.

To find out more about the inspiration behind Sweet Pink CBD, or to look more into how CBD can benefit the body, get in touch.


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