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Hapi Hemp hits the headlines



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Lorraine Clark and Samantha Day, co-founders of Hapi Hemp, reflect on what was a rollercoaster year for the company.

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a tough year for all of us. We are all living through unprecedented times, experiencing things we have never experienced before & hopefully will not again.

The year kicked off with Professor Mike Barnes and Hannah Deacon coming on board with Hapi Hemp family. As you can imagine this was super news for us and a real seal of approval from two legends in the world of CBD and medical cannabis.

When we first set up Hapi Hemp we had attended some CBD events and we had listened to Professor Mike Barnes talk at a few of them. He is someone that is extremely well respected within the CBD industry. Hannah was someone we both admired after watching her heartfelt story on TV and her campaign with the government to legalise medical cannabis for poorly children.

Samantha Day (left) and Lorraine Clark

We also invested in launching some super additions to our CBD range like the CBD superfood powder, CBD hand & nail treatment, CBD capsules and the very exciting hapi CBD patch.

Our CBD superfood powder has been one of best sellers, as it really is full of goodness.

Then of course Covid-19 hit us all out of the blue & turned our lives upside down. We both have children and it was a challenging time with juggling work, home schooling and all the stresses that COVID-19 19 has brought.

Interestingly sales of CBD have rocketed during COVID-19, proving that our health and wellness has been at the forefront of all our minds.

In the summer a journalist got in touch to find out more about us, our story and the story behind Hapi Hemp. It is quite an experience opening up about why we decided as two mums to enter the world of CBD. We had to dig deep and talk about things we would rather forget, but it was important as it all relates back to Hapi Hemp and why we started.

Once it was all done, we carried on with our work & hoping that our story would appear somewhere.

August bank holiday weekend our phones started to ping endlessly, our social media was nonstop with comments & enquiries and we were getting emails one after another.

So, after a quick search on google we realised we were famous!.… well, we felt famous! Our story was popping up all over the place! MSN, Essex live, Wales online, Cambridgeshire live, Staffordshire online, Belfast live, just to name a few. We seemed to be popping up everywhere.

We then had calls from radio stations who wanted to talk to us about our journey as women in the cannabis industry!

Since then, Hapi Hemp and their customers have had stories in:

Plus, many blogs and local press articles.

The best part of this experience was the contact with real people out there who have been thinking about taking CBD but were too scared to or didn’t know where to start. Reading our story made them feel safe, secure and much more confident about what they were buying.

There are many snake oil salesmen out there, having our pictures all over the internet as well as us baring our souls really struck a chord with people and provided some peace of mind about CBD and it could not have come at a better time for us. Like for many of you it’s been tough, especially in such a competitive environment. We know and have always known that all the products we sell are top quality and can make such a difference to so many people.

However, the hard work is telling everyone about it in a genuine and authentic way.

The best part of our job is helping people. Fiona is great example of what a difference our products can make.

We also have some great independent reviews across social media platforms.

Yes of course we run a business, but Hapi Hemp was borne from struggle, experience, passion & determination and now at last thousands more people know about us, who can see how transparent we are & how good our products really are.

Don’t believe when you hear that ‘press doesn’t work anymore’… because it does and we are proof of that.

Lorraine and Sam


Weekend digest: Six big stories from the cannabis world you might have missed



Another week, another rollercoaster in the fast-moving world of cannabis.

At Cannabis Health, our in depth coverage of the ongoing growth of cannabis as a medical and wellness product continues

Meanwhile, over at Cannabis Wealth, we’ve been following all the big industry and policy news in a week which has seen some important developments..

Been busy and want to get caught up in a hurry?

Here are the six things you need to read to stay in the loop this week.

1. Products pulled from shelves

Two batches of medical cannabis products have been recalled by regulators as investigations are carried out, following reports they may be contaminated with mould.

Medical cannabis pharmacy, Dispensary Green and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have issued a ‘precautionary’ product recall since being made aware of ‘defects’ in patient’s medication.

Concerns were initially raised after a number of medical cannabis patients spotted what they believed to be mould spores in their prescriptions.

Full story here.

2. NFL turns to medical cannabis

The National Football League (NFL) in America is providing $1 million in funding for research into pain management and cannabinoids.

The NFL is funding research into medical cannabis.

The pain management committee of the NFL and the NFL Players Association announced it would stump up the funding on Tuesday 8 June.

According to the organisation’s news platform, the move is the next step in a shifting attitude towards players who use medicinal cannabis to manage pain from injuries.

You can read more here.

3. More medical cannabis evidence

Researchers have found that the cannabinoids CBD and CBG, when used in combination, are beneficial for treating inflammation in the lungs.

Scientists at King’s College London, working in collaboration with Sativa Wellness Group have published the first results from a study into the impact of cannabinoids on respiratory diseases.

It aimed to investigate the anti-inflammatory effects of the two non-psychotropic cannabinoids alone and in combination, in a model of pulmonary inflammation.

Full details here.

4. Germany to vote for reform?

Germany’s national election on September 26 could be a landmark moment for Europe’s cannabis industry.

As Chancellor Angela Merkel prepares to leave the stage, the European Union’s most influential country looks destined for a political shakeup.

Annalena Baerbock could become Germany’s first pro-drug reform Chancellor.

It could mark a huge moment for the cannabis industry as Germany’s parliament might swing in favour of legislation.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

5. Adapt or fail

The pro-drug reform lobby must accept it has failed and change to push its agenda ahead, leading experts have warned.

Speaking at a Global Cannabis Intelligence event about the state of advocacy in the UK, three leading policy advocates set out how they think greater access can be achieved.

The discussion comes week after the 50-year anniversary of the passage of the The Misuse of Drugs Act.

Read the full story here.

6. Isle of Man steps up

The Isle of Man government has declared it is open for business to the medical cannabis industry.

In a big to create 250 new jobs and generate £3m a year for the island, policymakers want it to become ‘a world-leading exporter’.

Applications are now open for licences to produce and distribute treatments on the island, as well as to use it as an export base.

Full details here.

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New tracking app launches for UK medical cannabis patients

Through the app patients will be able to monitor their own symptoms and medication usage



The free health monitoring app is already being used elsewhere in the world.

UK medical cannabis suppliers Grow Pharma have teamed up with an Australian tech firm to launch a new app for patients.

The partnership with OnTracka will see them launch Calyx, a free health monitoring app already being used elsewhere in the world.

Users will be able to monitor their own symptoms and medication usage, speak securely with their doctor and contribute to gathering evidence about the use of medical cannabis.

The app will also be available in Ireland and the Channel Islands after successful launches in Australia, the US and South America.

Users will be able to monitor their own symptoms and medication usage

Pierre Van Weperen, CEO of Grow Pharma said: “Grow Pharma is currently fulfilling around a third of all prescriptions for the UK’s medicinal cannabis patients.

“Our prominent role gives us a significant advantage to building data insights into how patients are managing their health.

“This is integral to pave the way towards increasing access for patients in the UK through providing doctors with confidence around the safety and efficacy of these products.

“Using the app will generate important insights to provide real-time evidence to doctors and regulators.”

Grow Pharma hopes the app will help ‘rapidly accelerate an understanding of the safety, quality, and efficacy’ of medical cannabis.

Insights gained via the app will ‘advance the industry forward in the service of patients, shaping future legislation and policy based on patient experiences’ by providing real-world data to regulators.

Grow is in the process of raising £6 million worth of capital via a private funding round expect to be completed later this month.

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Isle of Man launches medical cannabis export sector

The Isle of Man is open for business to the medical cannabis industry.



The move could 250 new jobs and generate £3 million a year for the island

The Isle of Man government has declared it is open for business to the medical cannabis industry.

In a big to create 250 new jobs and generate £3 million a year for the island, policymakers want it to become ‘a world-leading exporter’.

Applications are now open for licences to produce and distribute treatments on the island, as well as to use it as an export base.

The island’s regulator – the Gambling Supervision Commission – has set out conditions for the licensing of high-THC cannabis and hemp.

Enterprise minister Laurence Skelly said: “The growing global medicinal cannabis market provides significant opportunity for economic development in the Isle of Man, and the new regulatory framework and guidance will offer stringent and flexible licensing of a broad range of cannabis products, which ranges from outdoor grown industrial hemp to indoor grown medicinal products.

“The Isle of Man Government has every confidence that the GSC will provide a world class regulatory structure required to regulate this new and complex industry.

The Isle of Man wants to be a major player in Europe’s growing medical cannabis industry.

“I am delighted to welcome licence applications and look forward to attracting quality businesses to the Island, transforming the cannabis export sector into a key contributor to the Isle of Man’s post-Covid economic recovery.”

The self-governing British Crown Dependency, which has a population of 83,000, approved new medical cannabis laws in January.

The island’s parliament – the Tynwald – moved to attract the industry to its shores after a public consultation showed 95 percent of residents were in favour of the policy.

Mark Rutherford, director of policy at the island’s regulator, said: “The GSC already has a sophisticated framework for supervising gambling.

‘We have worked carefully to apply the best of that framework to the risks in the new sector and we have educated ourselves in the technical areas that are new to us.

“What we now have will ensure that all stakeholders will be competent, crime free and capable of building a sector that is safe, trusted and efficient.

“As regulators, we aspire to put our regulatory umbrella above as many consumers as possible so that they can benefit from regulations that are well thought out and properly supervised.

“Years of prohibition mean that the markets in which our licensees will be participating are still in their infancy and still contain many uncertainties.

“To address this situation, it is our aim to ensure that consumers who purchase Isle of Man products will be able to understand exactly what their product contains through accurate labelling and independent testing.

“The GSC recognises there are many stakeholders in this newly created field and intends to extend its ethos of cooperation with other government authorities into its approach to cannabis regulation.”

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