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Fibromyalgia care: “Nothing has helped me more than medical cannabis”

Andie Willis shares why she believes medical cannabis is the way forward for fibromyalgia patients.



Fibromyalgia: A portrait photo of the writer Andie Willis

I will never give up advocating for medicinal cannabis to be available on the NHS writes, Andie Willis, a fibromyalgia patient whose son also lives with the condition.

For over 10 years I’ve tried all approved meds for fibromyalgia. I’ve tried multiple alternative therapies, and nothing has helped me more than medical cannabis. It’s not a quick fix or a cure, but for me, it’s the best thing available.

Fibromyalgia: A banner advert for the medical cannabis clinic

I started a juice fast in 2014 for 60 days and that experience was very close to the improvement I’ve felt with medical cannabis. But I couldn’t keep that up. I have tried hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, and some I can’t even remember.

The thing is with alternative therapies is that the results, if any, were always temporary. Fibro was not going away and all I had/have was gabapentin, nortriptyline, morphine and co-codamol. I have other things going on with my body, but I sometimes think to myself, if I had been able to treat my endometriosis back in the ’80s or ’90s with medical cannabis, then maybe I wouldn’t have had nine pelvic surgeries. I eventually had all my reproductive organs removed.

Fibromyalgia: A portrait of Andie Willis and her son

Andie Willis and her son, Chris.

Fibromyalgia and medical cannabis

It’s been 14 months since I started my medicinal cannabis journey, and having my pain levels dampened down has allowed me to focus more clearly on what I need to do to be at peace with my body.

I still have fibro flares, I still have terrible ME crashes and I still tense up, but I will never give up advocating for medicinal cannabis to be available on the NHS. I’m waiting for it as I feel this is the way forward for fibromyalgia patients. My son has fibromyalgia; he is my driving force.

If you’re even thinking about exploring this option, you’re on the right track.

I know the cost is a huge barrier for many but don’t let that stop you on your journey if you are in a position to do so.

Cannabis patients like myself have a tailored regime and what I pay may not be what you’ll pay.

We all deserve a fighting chance.

Andie Willis writes an in-depth blog about living with fibro and endometriosis, as well as her experiences with the healthcare system and medical cannabis. Visit her blog here

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