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Khiron Life Sciences introduces Latin America’s most prescribed full-spectrum medicinal cannabis extract to the UK



Khiron Life Sciences, the leader in cannabinoid-based medicine in Latin America, is now bringing its flagship medicinal product, the full-spectrum cannabis extract KHIRIOX 12/14, to the UK. This THC-based medical formulation has gained significant popularity and is the most prescribed cannabis extract in Latin America.

With the launch in the UK and Germany, the two largest medical cannabis markets in Europe, KHIRIOX 12/14 will now be available in Europe alongside Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil. Over 50,000 units have been sold in Latin America since 2020, generating substantial real-world evidence that Khiron has presented at specialized scientific conferences worldwide.

Safety data on KHIRIOX 12/14 was included in a post-marketing pharmacovigilance study presented earlier this month at the 56th Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Pain Society (BPS) in Glasgow, Scotland. The study will also be presented next week at the Medicinal Cannabis Conference (MCC) in Berlin, Germany, and the Spanish Pain Society (SED) conference in Madrid.

Real-World Data Guiding the Clinical Use of KHIRIOX 12/14

The extensive use of KHIRIOX 12/14 in Latin American countries has resulted in a wealth of real-world data to support UK doctors in prescribing the extract to their patients. This particular formulation has shown successful outcomes in treating chronic pain of various etiologies and neurological disorders.

Clinical use of KHIRIOX 12/14 was investigated in a retrospective cohort study titled “Sex-Dependent Prescription Patterns and Clinical Outcomes Associated With the Use of Two Oral Cannabis Formulations in the Multimodal Management of Chronic Pain Patients”, which was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Frontiers in Pain Research, in 2022.

The study involved 2,112 patients diagnosed with chronic pain and treated at Zerenia Clinic in Bogotá. It revealed that KHIRIOX 12/14 effectively reduced pain perception in 92% of patients, with three out of four reporting a 50% or greater symptomatic improvement since initiating treatment. The maximum improvement was observed after 4 weeks and remained consistent for over 6 months.

Franziska Katterbach, President of Khiron Europe

KHIRIOX 12/14 is typically used as an adjuvant treatment, complementing the patient’s existing medication regime. It is an excellent option for patients new to cannabis therapy. Prescribing physicians have developed precise titration and dosage guidelines based on the patient’s gender and age, allowing for a customized and refined treatment approach. Moreover, as KHIRIOX 12/14 is manufactured in Europe, it ensures a stable supply chain and minimal environmental impact. Commenting on the launch of KHIRIOX 12/14 in the UK, Franziska Katterbach, President of Khiron Europe, said:

“We are thrilled to introduce KHIRIOX 12/14, the leading medicinal cannabis product in Latin America, to physicians in the UK. Extensive testing in actual clinical environments across multiple Latin American countries has confirmed the effectiveness and safety of this formulation. All this body of real-world data provides much-needed medical evidence to assist doctors to make informed decisions regarding the inclusion of cannabis-based medicinal products in their patients’ treatment plans.

“What sets KHIRIOX 12/14 apart is our unwavering commitment to prioritizing real patients and delivering tangible results. At Khiron, the well-being of our patients always takes precedence.” – Franziska Katterbach, President of Khiron Europe


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