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CBD drink maker’s NHS pledge

A firm which makes CBD-infused drinks has pledged to donate all proceeds from its gin sales to the NHS.



Top Beverages, which has a distillery in Scotland, is urging customers to support the NHS by purchasing its CBD-infused gin products; Classic Gin, Super Gin and Bloody Mary Gin.

As reported in the Spirits Business, proceeds from the sales of the gins will be donated directly to the NHS through a Virgin Money Giving fundraising page.

Co-founder Nicholas Pullen said: “This is an unparalleled crisis unlike the world has ever seen, and we think our gins are uniquely suited to the moment.

“People throughout the UK are stressed, anxious and in pain. No one has worked harder to alleviate this anguish than the brave men and women of the NHS and other health care professionals around the world, who day in and day out put their lives at risk to save others.

“As a startup, we understand that we cannot offer giant contributions the way large spirit corporations can. That’s why we have made the decision to continue this programme until the lockdown ends.

“We hope that other craft spirit producers join us and make a similar commitment so that our efforts will snowball into something larger.”


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