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Why CBD Wellcare’s immune-boosting brews will blast away winter blues



With winter underway, we’re all in need of a cosy drink to fend off the cold right now. And, amid COVID-19 and the usual flu season, many of us are looking for ways to also boost our immune system. CBD-infused herbal tea may well be the perfect tonic.

The likes of vitamin C, B6 and E are all said to be essential for maintaining a good immune system and there have also been some inconclusive reports that vitamin D can help fight COVID-19.

Whether or not vitamin D does indeed protect against COVID-19, with the nights drawing in, it remains an essential supplement. In fact, according to the NHS, between October and March, the body cannot receive enough vitamin D from sunlight alone and so supplements are becoming evermore popular.

Meanwhile, CBD is also gaining prominence on shopping lists of the health conscious. A recent report, for example, shows that the global cannabis beverages market size is expected to reach USD 2.8 Billion by 2025.

One cannabis-infused beverage that has been growing in popularity in recent years is CBD-tea, with customers across the globe embracing its calming, warming and soothing properties.

In the UK, CBD Wellcare is pioneering two varieties of CBD-infused teas that also pack in the immunity-building properties of key vitamins.

Its lemon-flavoured CBD tea is enriched with vitamin C, with the unique flavour profile of the tea derived from cannabis terpenes. The company’s raspberry-infused tea is also enriched, with both CBD extract and vitamin B, which is proven to be good for the heart.

Aside from its range of teas, one of CBD Wellcare’s most popular products, particularly at this time of year, is its cocoa tablet. This is a CBD-infused tablet that is placed underneath the tongue, with the flavour of the tablet being meticulously crafted to emanate the taste of the much-loved chocolate bar, the Milky Way.

CBD Wellcare is a family business, based in Bedford, England. Chris Harris, who runs the company with his wife Julie, was inspired to launch his own venture after using CBD to help treat his son’s health condition.

Harris says: “My son was given lots of different tablets from his GP which came with quite unpleasant side effects. So, around four years ago, we went down the route of CBD and he now no longer takes any medication from his doctor; just a few drops of CBD oil a day.”

Harris says the thing that sets his company apart is its scrupulous testing of all its products, with data collected through the entire process from seed to shelf.

“We test our products before they’re planted in the ground, when they come out of the ground and right the way through the production process.

“Although the CBD industry is booming right now, it has never been about the money for me. It’s because I believe in this marvellous product.”

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