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Everything you need to know before trying CBD



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Haven’t tried CBD before? Unsure of where to start? The Hapi Hemp team guide you through everything you need to know to get started safely.

The rise of CBD in the UK has been phenomenal this year and is still growing at a fast pace with some studies claiming that over 6 million people in the UK have used some form of CBD.

You just have to read all the positive feedback on social media to see how well it works for so many people and what a difference it makes to lives.

There are still millions of people in the UK who haven’t tried CBD and if you’re one of them, why not look at including CBD into your daily routine throughout 2021?

What to buy?

If this is your first time with CBD, we would always recommend starting on a lower strength concentration product. You will also need to decide how you would like to consume CBD. We have a variety of CBD products for you to choose from – CBD oral drops, CBD capsules, CBD patches, CBD edibles or topical CBD. We have made some suggestions below, however it’s important for you to take into consideration your likes, dislikes and lifestyle. It’s not always a quick fix and you sometimes need to mix it up a bit to work out what works for you.

We are not allowed to make medical claims about CBD as it is classed as a food supplement and not a medicine. Any reputable company will say the same. We promise, it’s not us being difficult, it’s us being compliant and professional.

If a CBD company offers you medical advice, steer away,

You can google symptoms and CBD, you can also join our Facebook group called Hapi CBD users UK where you can ask any questions and get feedback from others. It is also great to read articles and other people’s experiences.

One thing we can assure you of, is that our oils are top quality and safe. We have full lab reports available online, so you know exactly what you get in your bottle. If you want to try a selection of products, then take a look at our hapi CBD kits as they are such good value.

We also have some helpful guidance in our FAQ section of our website:

CBD products as a new starter

If it’s CBD oral drops you are thinking about then take a look at our 5%, or 2.5% CBD oils. You have the option of choosing a natural or peppermint flavour.

Our capsules are also a great option, especially if you like to include turmeric in your daily routine. Not only do they contain CBD they also have turmeric, black pepper and ginger included.

If you really want to embrace the whole CBD journey, take a look at our hapi hemp collective kit. This kit contains most of our Hapi Hemp products – including a full spectrum CBD oil. Its tremendous value as you receive a super saving!

CBD patches

A relatively new concept and one that we and many of our customers love!
Our patches are Swiss made and have a pharmaceutical grade concentration, giving you peace of mind that you are getting a quality product.

One of the benefits of using CBD patches is the fast delivery of CBD into the bloodstream. The CBD doesn’t have to go through other bodily processes, so you start feeling the effects in a matter of minutes after attaching the patch to your skin. You can also place the patch on a particular area that needs it more, although the CBD does get absorbed throughout the body.

You also have the option to order a smaller pack of patches if you want to as they come in 6, 18 and 30 packs.

Edible CBD

An ideal option if you would like to start your CBD journey slowly, there are many CBD options out there, some tasty and some not.

Our CBD tea and CBD Superfood mix is unique as both have been created by an expert nutritionist and is a blend that has been created between us. We tried many tea blends before we opted for our relaxing Tranquil tea and it really does taste lovely!

The Superfood mix is something that not many other CBD companies sell. We wanted a product that contained other powerful superfood ingredients so that they all worked in unison within our bodies.

Topical CBD

We believe in the power of plants, which is why all our topical CBD skincare range is blended with therapeutic grade essential oils.

Topical CBD is a wonderful introduction to CBD, its perfect to apply to an area that needs some TLC.

We have some potent and effective products in our range:

CBD+ Massage oil

CBD+ roller

CBD hand treatment

So take the plunge – restore your health, supercharge your life and feel your best inside and out!