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The high impact athletes turning to CBD



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High impact sports like boxing and rugby take a huge toll on the body. Therefore, it’s not surprising that these players take a lot of supplements to support their bodies throughout training camps and game season.

Pro athletes are constantly on the lookout for new ways to get that support. But the world of sports and current measures of supporting the body are lacking, very often coming with their own range of side effects or being banned from sports all together.

As athletes seek out new opportunities and new supplements to support their body and maintain their physique, a new player has come to town and is a total game changer; that’s right, it’s CBD.

With more and more sports players across the globe turning to CBD, and more research being done in the area, there is a very bright future for this latest hot ingredient.

The major issue that CBD has faced, was the trace amounts of THC that many of the CBD products out contained.

However, noticing the potential of CBD, WADA removed CBD from the banned substance list stating on the WADA website that: “CBD is not prohibited; however, athletes should be aware that some CBD oils and tinctures extracted from cannabis plants, may also contain THC and other cannabinoids that could result in a positive test for a prohibited cannabinoid.”

Cannabis and CBD companies quickly began introducing zero percent THC CBD products such as the new IMPACT Pro CBD range of zero percent THC sports supplements.

And many athletes including, Ryan Barrett, swear by it.

Ryan is a two times retired Royal Marine, he is the only person to ever complete the royal marine training twice. Ryan is also a former pro rugby player and now a pro boxer. His success has come with many obstacles and challenges along the way that one could say has added to his immense ambition.

When Ryan was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, he was medically discharged from the Royal Marines.

He then underwent surgery to have his large intestine removed and a colostomy bag fitted.

“The only time we ever lose is if we quit, so if you like to win you must never quit,” says Ryan.

Not one to give up, Ryan then retrained as a PT and took up boxing as he was part of the Royal Marine boxing team before and sparred with Chris Eubank Junior.

He had a brief stint as an amateur boxer but then put his focus into becoming a professional Bare Knuckle Boxer, a very big sport in the USA that is up and coming in the UK. He is also the only Pro Boxer with colitis and a bag in the world.

He had his first professional fight at the end of 2020 against a fighter touted as the next world champion, Ryan knocked him out in under a minute of the first round, bringing him closer to world title.

To keep Ryan at the top of his game, he is supported by EternalBeing with his diet and supplementation, which includes CBD.

Training hard in preparation for his next match on March 27 Ryan uses IMPACT to support his body through his rigorous 9 week training camp. Here is a sneak peek into Ryan’s CBD routine that he uses for support:

  • IMPACT Power Balm: Before his 4am run to prep up his muscles prior to the run.
  • IMPACT Arica Balm: Uses after sparing.
  • IMPACT Pro 1600mg CBD Oil: Few drops Before Bed.

Watch Holmes vs. Barrett this March 27th!