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Elevar Leafs: A more discreet, accurate and efficient way to take CBD

“From a consumer point of view, we want to offer people a product that is accessible and simple”



Elevar Leafs allows CBD users to take a highly accurate dose, quickly and efficiently.

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With more and more health-minded consumers turning to CBD products, producers are asking a crucial question: What do customers want?

SpectrumLeaf have spent a long time thinking about this and have arrived at a conclusion which defines their products: Accuracy, simplicity and discretion.

Their new Elevar Leafs product allows CBD users to take a highly accurate dose quickly and efficiently without any cumbersome packaging, any place, any time.

Their proprietary technology involves introducing specific and carefully measured quantities of water-soluble CBD to a piece of microfilm no larger than a postage stamp.

The consumer simply places the tab in their mouth and waits for it to dissolve, a quick and discreet way to take a 25mg dose of the compound.

Elevar Leafs CBD strips come in three flavours, fresh mint, mint berry and lavender

CEO Felix Sundström – who is based in Stockholm, Sweden – told Cannabis Health why the customer’s perspective dominates how their new Elevar Leafs product works.

He said: “From a consumer point of view, we want to offer people a product that is accessible and simple.

“We try and avoid simply repeating what everybody else in the sector is doing and think of better ways of delivering CBD. We believe the functional aspect is very important and will only get more important going forward.”

Elevar Leafs come in three flavours – fresh mint, mint berry and lavender – and retails at less than £11 for five doses.

The discreet, carefully designed packaging could easily be mistaken for a business card, perfect for people who use CBD but don’t necessarily want to shout about it.

Based in Poland and with production in Las Vegas and California, SpectrumLeaf is already selling into 16 different European markets including the UK.

Launched two-and-a-half years ago and selling a range of products in 1,000 different outlets across the continent, the company is already making a splash in the UK market.

So why do people keep coming back for more? 

Felix said: “With our product, the consumer knows exactly how much they’re taking every time they use it.

“We have three flavours and they all taste great – my favourite is the lavender – and they’re very discreet, they fit right into any pocket or bag and it’s easy to share with others too.

“There is a lack of CBD products out there which prioritise accuracy and discretion and we believe there’s a clear gap in the market for this.

“The packaging is very stylish too, it looks different and fresh.”

Elevar leaf cbd

The Elevar Leafs lavender range

Making sure you are taking an accurate dose is a key concern for CBD customers looking to monitor the effects the product has on them.

Each 25 microgram dose is individually packaged in order to allow for a rigorous quality checking process that is carried out before products hit the shelves.

This delivery system also ensures users know exactly what they’re getting and are then able to alter the dose as needed.

The company recommends between 25 and 50mg per day but ultimately it is the customer who is in control.

Felix said: “Accuracy on dosing is very important because most people who use CBD are taking it for a specific purpose and want to be able to work out for themselves what is the right regular dose for them.

“When you look at other products like tinctures and oils, it is quite difficult to make sure you are taking the same amount every time and it’s easy to over or under dose.

“You can take more than one tab if necessary and I even know some people cut a tab in half if they want a smaller dose.

“This product gives you confidence you are taking the same amount of the product every time and you can easily take it with you if you need to travel or take your dose at an irregular time.

“That’s precisely why I use it myself – I think having that control over how much CBD you are consuming is essential to everyone.”

The company makes its extensive lab testing data available on its website to further ensure customer confidence in every product.

And unlike some CBD products, Elevar Leafs have a long shelf life too. You can keep them in a drawer for as long as a year and they will still be usable.

Products paid for securely over the company’s website can be shipped far and wide and usually arrive within one to four business days.

Repeat customers can sign up to a loyalty scheme and build up points in order to secure discounts.

As the CBD market expands, more and more consumers are coming round to the benefits of CBD.

Felix said: “Perceptions are definitely changing around CBD, awareness of the benefits to consumers and usage is going up day by day.”

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Is this the secret to a more effective CBD product?

A new wellness brand is tapping into the senses to create more potent CBD products.



papilio CBD
Papilio’s CBD oral drops comes in three formulations, Refresh, Relax and Balance.

The founders of a new wellness brand are harnessing the power of scent and taste, to create more potent CBD products.

CBD wellness brand Papilio Products was launched by cousins Caroline Holford and Georgina Muncaster, after they stumbled on their shared love of the supplement at a family get-together.

The pair realised that an enthusiasm for cooking – and understanding of the importance a sense of smell plays in our wellbeing – could help them create a product that would stand out in an increasingly saturated market. 

Papilio’s products, made with premium quality CBD, are broad-spectrum, meaning that while they are THC-free, they contain additional terpenes to provide appealing flavour and smell profiles.

Caroline Holford and Georgina Muncaster, co-founders of Papilio Products

“The more we researched what makes CBD such a special supplement, the more we realised that our love of cookery – the ingredients, the smells and the taste profiles – would help us to develop Oral CBD Drops with a difference,” said Caroline and Georgina.

“With our understanding of the body’s olfactory system, which is responsible for our sense of smell, and is closely linked to our sense of taste, we realised that the terpenes in hemp, which contribute to its distinctive scents and flavours, could be harnessed to increase the efficacy of our CBD.”

Terpenes are the naturally occurring hydrocarbons which make up the plant’s essential oils giving them unique flavours, scents and colours. 

There are eight terpenes found in the hemp plant, which have also been linked to positive psychological effects such as relaxation, pain relief and anti-anxiety.

The brand’s UK manufacturers have harnessed these terpenes to add natural yet powerful flavours and smells to Papilio’s oral CBD drops.

While the terpenes boast potential wellbeing benefits in themselves, the smells they produce can also influence mood and behaviour, explain the co-founders, making for a calmer – and happier – consumption experience. 

“It is widely known that our sense of smell can ignite memories, but it can also influence our mood and behaviour,” they continued.

“In conjunction with this, terpenes are said to promote various health benefits, such as helping you sleep or boosting your energy levels.

“We carefully investigated the particular attributes and benefits of the main terpenes present in the hemp from which our CBD was extracted, and selected those which had properties that when added to our Oral CBD Drops, would create an enhanced experience, and a more pleasant taste profile.   

“All of this research and development has produced Papilio’s three unique blends.”

Papilio’s Oral CBD Drops come in three formulations; Refresh, a zesty citrus blend with Limonene, grapefruit and tangerine to help you feel energised, Relax with notes of lavender and eucalyptus, which contains Linalool and Balance, a minty fresh blend with pinene, including with notes of wild peppermint and vanilla.




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CBD brand Prima attracts $9.2m in huge seed funding round

The CBD firm produces more than a dozen consumer wellness products



The company expects to have its products stocked in 800 new outlets this year.

An American wellness brand has raked in $9.2m in a bumper seed funding round.

The Uplifters’ Prima – commonly known as Prima – will use the cash to fund retail expansions and clinical research.

Founded in 2019, the CBD firm produces more than a dozen consumer products pitched at the beauty and self-care market.

The funding round was led by a host of venture capital firms, primarily Greycroft, H Venture, Defy and Lerer Hippeau.

Among the backers is Emerald Health Therapeutics, a Canadian cannabinoid product producers which will give Prima ‘access to proprietary…innovations’

Christopher Gavigan, Prima founder and CEO said: “As an experienced team building a CPG platform of the highest integrity, credibility, consciousness and quality, we realise it is our duty and responsibility to impose uncompromising and rigorous standards and boldly self-regulate to lead this emerging functional wellness industry forward.

“With this meaningful funding, Prima will continue its focused investments in plant-driven, clean formulation science, R&D ownership, efficacy validation, operational infrastructure, sustainability initiatives and tech-enabled consumer experiences.

“Prima is even more emboldened to broaden our digital and retail strategies, build best-in-class education partnerships and ensure these therapeutic botanical compounds are destigmatised, understood and accessible for all.”

According to a statement, the company expects to have its products stocked in 800 new outlets this year alone.

Laurel Angelica Myers, Prima COO, said: “Our team brings institutional strategy, sophistication, capability and execution to a burgeoning sector that has yet to see any brands like Prima.

“As a Certified B Corporation that is Carb

on and Plastic Neutral Certified and EWG Verified, Prima is built on strong, sophisticated, sustainable infrastructure across every touchpoint of the business.”

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Why are people using CBD?

New survey data reveals why people in the US are consuming CBD – here are some of the key findings.



CBD oil
New survey data reveals how and why people in the US are consuming CBD

New survey data reveals how and why people in the US are consuming CBD – here are some of the key findings.

Data intelligence firm New Frontier has released two new reports providing in-depth analysis on CBD consumer groups in the US and the factors shaping their behaviours. 

For the survey, respondents were grouped into four cohorts based on their primary reason to consume CBD including; medical, pain management, unwinding and general wellness.

Just over half of those described as ‘unwinding’ consumers are under the age of 35, while most who use it to manage pain are aged 55 or older, according to the findings.

Medical and general wellness consumers are roughly evenly distributed across age groups.

A whopping 92 percent of medical users reported having a ‘positive impression’ of CBD and 71 percent have recommended it to someone they know.

Unsurprisingly, medical users were more likely to consume CBD on a daily basis and spent more on the supplement, with one in four claiming to be spending more than $100 per month on CBD products. 

The majority of those surveyed said they used CBD for pain management and were “highly satisfied” with CBD and most likely to believe that it has “valid medical uses”.

But in general this group was “uninformed” about the cannabis market, says the report, and only one in five weren’t  interested in learning more.

Those who consume CBD to unwind identified anxiety reduction, stress relief, sleep, relaxation and pain management as some of the common reasons for use.

This group was younger than the average and nearly three-quarters said they had discussed CBD with friends, while more than 90 percent have friends or family who also use it.

By contrast, general wellness consumers were among the least likely to have had a conversation about CBD (11 percent) and nearly 1 in 5 (17 percent) did not know any friends or family who consume it.

Oils and tinctures were the most popular consumption method, followed by topicals, edibles and drinks and vaping, with CBD in capsule and pill form the least common.

Concluding key takeaways from the survey, the authors write: “The deepening fragmentation of the CBD consumer market will continue as consumers become more familiar with the products, and more targeted in the ways by which they integrate CBD into their lives. 

“While medical consumers are most likely to be regimented in their use, more likely to be brand-loyal, and most focused on dosing, other consumers groups are far less entrenched in their product preferences or consumption habits.”

While 30 percent of surveyed consumers expected their CBD usage to increase in the next six months, just under half (49 percent) said they did not have a preferred brand.

New Frontier Data founder and executive chair, Giadha A DeCarcer, noted: “As the market is flooded with more product choices, CBD brands and retailers would be well-served to delineate and target their consumers as they would in any other mainstream product category.”

See the full report at New Frontier Data 

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