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“Anxiety is the biggest killer of creativity” – The role of cannabinoids in creative pursuits

One CBD brand is harnessing the power of cannabinoids to promote creativity.



CBD brand Karma Coast is using its platform to support those in the creative industries. Photos: Sarah Jean Henderson

A CBD brand which lauds the power of cannabinoids for boosting creativity, is using its growing platform to support the arts industries.

Former actor and musician Dylan Mortimer suffered with writer’s block for several years, after becoming reliant on antidepressants. 

When he decided to come off the pills and try CBD instead, he reconnected with his creative license. 

Anxiety is the biggest killer of creativity,” says Dylan, who has tread the boards of stages across the North East. 

“I went through quite a tough patch where I was pretty much hooked on antidepressants and I had writer’s block for quite a few years.

“I know for a fact that CBD helped me open up and start channeling my creativity again, it’s one of the reasons I founded Karma Coast.”

With a studio tucked away in the picturesque coastal town of Tynemouth, near Newcastle upon Tyne, Karma Coast, is now a multi-award winning CBD and wellness brand which comes highly recommended by industry experts.

It recently scooped its seventh award in two years and has secured a two-year contract with Patient Services UK to have its products recommended as an alternative therapy to NHS staff in the Freeman Hospital and Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. 

Former M People star Andrew Lovell played at Karma Coast with his new outfit Ajoia. Photo: Sarah Jean Henderson

With the North Sea and golden dunes of Longsands beach on the doorstep, it’s hard to picture a better setting for a brand dedicated to healing and wellbeing. 

But with his roots in the arts, many of Dylan’s regular customers are actually looking for something to get their creative juices flowing. 

The company recently collaborated with a High Times award-winning extractor in California to be the first to bring single source, organic, cannabis derived terpenes to this side of the pond. 

It’s strains such as Guava Jam, Orange Creamsicle and Jack Herer on the CBD vape pen menu are being particularly well received among creative types. 

“Cannabis has been linked with creativity for a long time and many artists have used the plant over the years because it helps release anxiety and open creative channels,” he explains.

Karma Coast co-founders Dylan Mortimer and Magdalena Dopierala with Andrew Lovell. Photo: Sarah Jean Henderson

“A lot of our customers use CBD for creativity. I had a consultation with someone last week who was on his way down to Abbey Road to record and wanted to try one of our sativa strains, which are particularly known for fuelling creativity.”

Dylan is now using the brands growing platform to return the favour and support artists who have seen their industry almost completely shut down over the last 18 months.

“The arts, especially the music industry have had a huge blow because of the pandemic,” says Dylan.

“We collected a crew of technicians and people who would normally be touring the world, but were drawn to what we were doing because they thought it was an interesting project.

Dylan with Andrew Lovell at Karma Coast. Photo: Sarah Jean Henderson

“Suddenly we had professional sound engineers and visual artists involved.”

The project saw them recently record their first “Karma Session” live lounge with former M People star Andrew Lovell, whose new outfit Ajoia Music is focused on healing through music.

It was a perfect blend with the values of Karma Coast, which Dylan says everyone was “blown away” by.

The brand is now collaborating with North East music promoter Shin Gigs and Notion Music to bring some big regional names such as Martha Hill, Heidi Curtis and Hector Gannet, but also some untapped talent to the forefront. 

In August they will open the Karma Coast space as a venue itself, when they host two intimate gigs with artists Phibi and Benjamin Fitzgerald, with more dates to be announced in September.

“We have always been about promoting creativity, so it was just a natural progression for us as we have grown as a company to use our platform to support the creative industries,” adds Dylan.

“We are creating a good community of people working towards a similar thing.

“We absolutely love what we do and feel blessed to be able to add to the fast developing UK. cannabis industry, whilst at the same time supporting the arts. It’s a win-win for us.”

For full details about Karma Coast sessions visit and 

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