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Can CBD help you quit nicotine for good?

A new campaign is encouraging e-cigarette users to switch nicotine for CBD



Tahiti Vapes co-founders admit to being "slaves to nicotine" in the past

A new campaign is encouraging e-cigarette users to switch the nicotine for CBD and curb the cravings for good. 

The founders of a UK vape brand are challenging people to cut out their nicotine cravings for good – and they think CBD could be the solution. 

Friends Josh Rogers and Jack Pearce, who co-founded Tahiti Vapes, are both former smokers who admit to being “slaves to the nicotine”. 

While vaping is widely considered the healthier alternative to cigarettes, consuming nicotine in any form still comes with undesirable side-effects.

Users may experience mood swings, diarrhoea, nausea and increased heart rate and blood pressure, in some cases it has even been known to cause erectile dysfunction in men. 

CBD is a healthier alternative to e-liquids containing nicotine

This month Tahiti Vapes launched its #NoNonsense campaign to encourage people to go 30 days with no nicotine, by adding CBD to their e-liquid instead.

“There are a few effects of long-term nicotine use which are easy to ignore.

“Everyone is aware of the damaging effects of smoking, and there’s a positive movement around vaping as a healthier lifestyle decision, which is definitely warranted, but I don’t think there’s enough awareness of the fact that you’re still using nicotine and often consuming it in much higher quantities than you would with a cigarette.

“We want to show people that there is another option, if you’re moving to vaping as a healthier choice, that there’s, there’s actually an even healthier alternative to nicotine. 

“With CBD being non-addictive and having relaxing properties it’s a good way to get yourself off the addictive stuff.”

Some evidence seems to suggest that CBD can play a role in helping people tackle their cravings.

Findings published last year from a 700-person survey in the US showed that almost half of participants were able to abstain from cigarettes by using cannabidiol.

Participants were asked to inhale or consume CBD whenever they felt the urge to smoke, with 42 percent reporting that they were able to abstain from cigarettes for a month.

Well-known for its potential anxiety-relieving effects, CBD is thought to regulate cortisol release, the hormone produced by the body in response to stress, and could be helpful in reducing ‘stress-induced relapses’ which lead smokers to reach for the packet.

Co-founder Josh Rogers is three weeks into the #NoNonsense challenge

There are also early indications that CBD can be used to help tackle smoking, alcohol and even opioid addiction, as well as having heart benefits, such as lowering your blood pressure.

Josh, who is now three weeks into this challenge, says he has noticed the benefits already. 

“The main one for me has always been mood swings, he says.

“I found when I was using nicotine there would be times where I would be completely wound up about something or you’re feeling really anxious or nervous and you feel you have to use nicotine to remedy that.”

“Even days and hours after you stop using nicotine it starts to leave your system, but It takes about three to four weeks for nicotine withdrawal symptoms to ease off. I find CBD really helps to get you through that initial withdrawal period and counter the cravings to stop you feeling so desperate to use it. 

The company has even lowered its prices to make it more affordable for customers, who can choose how many drops of CBD to add to their e-liquid throughout the day. 

“Our goal isn’t to get people to buy our products. We just want people to try not using nicotine, regardless of their situation, even if it’s just for a week.

“It’s easy to make the healthy decision to switch to vaping, but a lot of people are probably more addicted to nicotine than they might think – and we’ve always felt cannabis in general is overlooked in terms of its healing and wellness properties.” 

To find out more and take part in the No Nonsense campaign visit and share your journey with @Tahitivapes #NoNonsense on Instagram.

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