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Jay-Z launches new CBD and THC infused wellness collection

The collection marks The Parent Company’s first collection of wellness products starting with topicals and oils.



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Jay-Z’s cannabis brand The Parent Company has launched its first line of lotions and tinctures in three categories – well balanced, well relieved and well-rested.

The Parent Company is a vertically integrated cannabis company based in California. This is their first collection of wellness products that contain CBD and THC under the Caliva label, ‘Well by Caliva’.

The three products allow customers to choose which product best suits their needs. It was created based on recent data showing the top reasons that people turn to cannabis: relaxation, improving sleep quality and pain management.

Jay-Z: A line of three bottles of oil in orange, yellow and blue from jay z's new collection on a white background

Image credit: The Parent Company

The lotions come in two forms: a muscle and joint lotion and a head, neck and shoulder lotion. The Well Relieved muscle & joint lotion offers a blend of CBD: THC mixed with clove and frankincense essential oils for a warm, spicy aroma. Their head, neck and shoulder lotion contains over 3oo mg of cannabinoids with calming lavender essential oil.

The launch announcement comes just days after Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce announced she had turned to CBD for relief following a gruelling tour schedule.

Parent Company COO Dennis O’ Malley said: “We are excited to be expanding our wellness category with the release of our line of CBD and THC lotions and tinctures. As part of The Parent Company’s mission to provide access and entry points into cannabis, we knew that a wellness line that uses the combination of CBD and THC for more powerful effects would be attractive to consumers. Our new line of Well by Caliva products offer the same high quality that consumers have come to trust from The Parent Company, at an affordable price.”

Jay-Z - two bottle of topical CBD THC lotion in red and pink with their boxes beside them on a white background

Image credit: The Parent Company

The Parent Company was formed in 2021 which holds a product portfolio of eight cannabis brands such as Monogram by Jay Z. Jay Z serves as the chief visionary officer for the company. He established their social equity ventures initiative which was created to break down the systematic barriers Black and other minority entrepreneurs face as they attempt to participate and lead in the legal cannabis industry.

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