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UK body backs research into cannabis and cancer pain

The UK’s National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has endorsed a study into the role of cannabinoids in treating cancer-related pain.



study to examine cannabis and cancer pain
The development will give hope to cancer patients worldwide

The UK’s National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has endorsed a study into how cannabis can help treat cancer-related pain.

CBD Science Group has received highly sought-after endorsement from the NCRI for its Real World Evidence (RWE) study into the role cannabinoids can play in treating cancer-related pain. 

The development will give hope to cancer patients worldwide as the treatment and management of cancer pain continues to be a major burden on patients and families.

In the UK there are an estimated three million patients suffering from cancer with 367,000 new diagnoses per year, with pain affecting the majority of this population.

With the impact of Covid-19 it has been reported that the UK is experiencing an emerging cancer crisis after new figures recently showed more than 300,000 people had missed checks for the disease since the start of the pandemic. 

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines on medical cannabis, found that previous evidence for chronic pain associated with cancer patients was lacking. 

NICE has also recommended against opioid use for people with chronic primary pain, given the lack of evidence proving effectiveness and significant evidence showing the long-term harm caused by opioids.

The fear that more patients than ever are going untreated for their cancer and opioid prescriptions will continue to skyrocket as suitable alternatives are still unavailable through the NHS.

“Previous research into cancer-related pain focused on those with advanced disease, however there is a large and rapidly growing population of people surviving for many years with cancer,” commented Prof. Emeritus Sam Ahmedzai, co-chair of NCRI Living With and Beyond Cancer Research Group.

“The reality is that chronic pain related to the cancer itself or indeed arising from the anti-cancer treatments, is an insurmountable barrier to living a productive and rewarding life with family and friends – at all stages of cancer. Sadly current pain treatment options are largely ineffective or cause even more harmful side-effects; therefore new research is urgently needed to find better therapies.

“I am delighted to actively participate in CBD Science Group’s goal of finding an effective and safer medicinal cannabis solution to relieve the suffering of patients living with cancer-related pain.”

Through its RWE study, CBD Science Group aims to deliver therapies to patients across the UK, with patient recruitment underway ahead of a start date in 2022.

The company has appointed a distinguished Clinical Advisory Board under the direction of the Group’s chief clinical advisor and former deputy medical director of NHS England Professor Mike Bewick, along with other leading experts in the space including Professor Sam Ahmedzai.

Graeme McFarlane, chief commercial officer, CBD Science Group added: “We are delighted and proud to have been offered this endorsement from the NCRI LWBC, which offers hope to millions of people with long term cancer pain around the world. This partnership will further progress CBD Science Group towards our objective of realising the advantages of cannabinoids in fulfilling this urgent need of suffering patients. We strongly believe in the opportunity that our RWE study presents, and look forward to working closely and deepening our relationship with the NCRI”

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