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How wellness brand Papilio is helping people live a calmer and happier life

The brand offers a full range of CBD oils with different terpene blends, tiger balm and massage oil



Papilo Products: A row of CBD bottles next to their boxes

New wellness brand Papilio is on a mission to help people live a calmer and happier life, with the healing properties of CBD.

Launched earlier this year, by cousins Caroline Holford and Georgina Muncaster, CBD wellness brand Papilio Products has already established a wide range of products to their growing CBD line.

The pair wanted to create a brand that was minimalistic and simple, yet effective, that would stand out in an increasingly saturated market.

“The word Papilio is Latin meaning ‘butterfly’ and like this beautiful creature we want to help others transform their mood to lead a calmer and happier life,” said co-founders and directors, Caroline and Georgina. The brand has already launched a range of oils that come in a variety of flavours.

Made with premium quality CBD, all their products are broad-spectrum, meaning that while they are THC-free, they contain additional terpenes to provide appealing taste and smell profiles.

The brand’s minimalistic look featuring earthy tones has a clean feel that can appeal to both male and female, without the unnecessary dark bottles and bold fonts which can feel harsh on the bathroom shelf.

The products all come in white packaging which protects the items from UV light with an ingredient list that is transparent and cruelty-free. The cousins have also committed to sustainable packaging, with bamboo lids and recyclable glass bottles that are kind to the planet.

Papilo - A jar of tiger balm with CBD sits ontop of a box. The lid is angled to one side. There is a green plant on the right of the photo

Nourishing CBD Tiger Balm

The brand’s latest addition includes a CBD Tiger Balm with notes of camphor, clove and menthol.

For centuries, Tiger Balm has been used to bring relief to tired and aching muscles.  Combining the wisdom of this ancient recipe with the more recently discovered properties of CBD, seemed like a match made in heaven for the team at Papilio when developing their new innovative range of CBD products.

As well as being infused with a healthy dose of CBD and additional terpenes, this premium quality balm contains menthol, camphor bark oil and clove oil, all of which gives it its distinctive scent.
Tiger balm soothes and relieves in many ways; as a muscle relaxant, headache or pain reliever, or even as a decongestant to help with symptoms of flu or the common cold.

Thanks to a line-up of quality sourced ingredients, the nourishing balm will leave the skin feeling moisturised and protected, while the addition of 500mg of CBD per 50ml jar helps to intensify its potential healing properties.
Caroline said: “There are eight terpenes found in the hemp plant, which have also been linked to positive psychological effects such as relaxation, pain relief and anti-anxiety.

“While the terpenes boast potential wellbeing benefits in themselves, the smells they produce can also influence mood and behaviour making for a calmer – and happier – consumption experience.”

Papilio: A group photo of different oils from the brand Papilio.
Papilio Products Luxurious CBD massage oil

Massages are beneficial in so many ways, the power of touch alone can bring healing, relaxation, intimacy and connection, while CBD is well known for its soothing properties. With this in mind, the team at Papilio have created a luxurious oil infused with 100 percent naturally occurring terpenes and lavender essential oil, along with 1,000mg of CBD per 1,000ml.

Caroline said: “By using organic sweet almond oil as the base ingredient, this helps the skin to feel nourished and moisturised.
“The addition of CBD helps to intensify the healing properties, and for the masseuse, anecdotal evidence suggests that the CBD helps to keep the hands cramping and pain-free.”

All products can be found on the website here

Papilio are looking for retail stockists and can be contacted via their website and social media pages Facebook and Instagram @PapilioProducts or email [email protected]

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