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Could CBD help Justin Beiber with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome?

The singer was recently diagnosed with RHS – a viral syndrome related to shingles in the facial nerves.



Could CBD help Justin Beiber with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome?
Could CBD help Justin Beiber with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome?

The singer Justin Beiber, who has been diagnosed with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (RHS), might find CBD beneficial for his symptoms.

Although athletes and celebrities have praised the use of CBD to alleviate everyday aches and pains, this time-tested holistic remedy can also alleviate problems associated with many chronic ailments and illnesses. 

A key example is Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (RHS). Fans and music enthusiasts recently learned that Grammy award-winning singer Justin Bieber has facial paralysis stemming from RHS—a viral syndrome related to shingles that target your facial nerves.

RHS is known to result from a shingles outbreak affecting one side of the face, especially the primary facial nerve between the mouth and ear. This unforeseen health setback promoted the beloved 28-year-old singer to postpone his much-anticipated world tour.  

The shingles virus is the same one that causes chickenpox (also known as herpes varicella/zoster). Anyone who had chickenpox as a child almost certainly carries the virus, dormant and hidden within your nervous system. Unexpectedly, when we are under intense or prolonged stress or our immune system is weakened, the shingles virus can awaken and trigger an outbreak.  

But the untold truth is that there is no known “cure” for RHS or shingles, similar to the sexually transmitted disease: herpes. So the existing medical treatments only address the subjective symptoms and may typically cause side effects.

According to CDC research, one out of three people in America will develop shingles, also called herpes zoster, in their lifetime. Additionally, 572,000 new cases of herpes simplex virus type 1 or 2. All of which cause severe pain and inflammation that adversely impacts the productivity of daily lives. 

Undoubtedly, Bieber’s medical team is treating him with various pharmaceuticals that may not help him recover without side effects. Medical doctors often try to treat RHS infections with antiviral drugs, but unfortunately, antiviral medications may not be effective as desired. Antiviral drugs can also cause serious side effects and prolong recovery, while some patients may feel worse.  

Although drug companies produce antiviral medications to treat these ailments, many of them may cause side effects leading to taking more harmful medications. In contrast, some patients seek alternative remedies, including holistic solutions to manage and restore good health.

One natural alternative for treating RHS is CBD oil (cannabidiol), derived from the hemp plant. Many RHS patients have found more effective and consistent relief from taking medicinal hemp—CBD products.  

A research report published by Dr Ethan Russo revealed that the main raw bio-compounds of CBD had demonstrated anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain relief effects. Because RHS is the result of irritation of affected tissues by the infecting virus, the ability of effective, medicinal hemp—CBD to reduce and prevent the symptoms suffered at the cellular and molecular level is effective and well documented.  

But there is a difference in the quality of CBD products. Many products are inferior because companies use high temperatures and rapid processing that destroy living compounds, drastically reducing medicinal benefits, but companies can legally still call it CBD. Also, sourcing hemp is equally essential. Many farming practices use harmful pesticides and harsh chemicals to grow hemp faster. Using quality seeds and processing makes a vast difference.  

The quality of CBD is essential as the alternative medicine market is expected to reach $405 billion by 2028. Hence, people need trustworthy products and not the type of CBD found at your local gas station.  

 It is widely accepted that the benefits of non-GMO seeds and organic farming practices far outweigh the use of genetically modified (GMO) plants and over-processing methods that use harsh chemicals, pesticides, and solvents. For example, similar to overcooking GMO vegetables in high-triglyceride oils, the food becomes soggy, and many nutrients are lost, but you can still call it vegetables.  

That’s why Nesas Hemp’s CBDa oil is derived from non-GMO seeds grown in naturally enriched biological organic soil coupled with a low-temperature extraction process from the hemp plant that delivers the most robust natural compounds to maximise medicinal properties to improve chronic illnesses, inflammation, and pain relief with no side effects.  

People suffering from RHS like Justin Bieber, shingles outbreaks on other parts of the body, or various herpes viruses should understand the processing and formulation of medicinal hemp products varies widely.

Patients seeking help from CBDa or CBD products to reduce pain, inflammation, and other health issues are well-advised to consult their doctor for appropriate product selection, starting dosages, and monitoring to customise their holistic path to restore happiness and well-being.  

This article was written by Inesa Ponomariovaite, a holistic medicine expert and the CEO of Nesa’s Hemp—an organic, high-quality CBDa oil company.  


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