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CBD brand Provacan launches new vitamin range

Provacan is the latest CBD company to launch its own line of vitamin supplements



One of the most trusted sources for CBD in the UK, Provacan has launched a new line of vitamin supplements.

Adding CBD to your supplement regimen is a fantastic way to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle and Provacan is the latest CBD company to launch its own line of vitamins to add to the mix.

The new range includes 3 essential vitamins and nutrients to help support our immune system.

Vitamin D

Vitamin C


With flu season just around the corner supporting your immune system should be of the utmost importance. During the autumn and winter, the NHS and UK government recommend everyone take a daily vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption necessary for healthy bones.

Magnesium is another important supplement to include in your supplement regimen that you need to stay healthy. Many functions in your body depend on it, including energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Additionally, magnesium supports brain and bone health, as well as heart and muscle function. 

And Vitamin C, the NHS recommends Adults aged 19 to 64 take 40mg of vitamin C per day to keep healthy and prevent scurvy. Vitamin C helps to protect cells and keep them healthy, and maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage while also helping with wound healing.

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Clifton Flack, founder and CEO of Provacan, commented: “A big misconception about CBD is that people expect it to be some sort of miracle drug. While in reality, CBD sits next to all your other well-known supplements such as your echinacea or Vitamin D.

“By adding the vitamins to sit alongside our CBD range we hope to further educate customers on the importance of a wellness regime.”

In regards to CBD. A number of physiological functions in your body are supported by CBD. As with any supplement, it should be taken daily and regularly. CBD is not a quick-fix, one-time medication. The NHS recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for optimal health, and CBD is a great tool for promoting sleep.

Despite no known interactions, CBD should not be taken with other vitamins and minerals at the same time. Take on an empty stomach for best results.

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