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How to grow cannabis – new book serves as go-to guide for cultivation

Jorge Cervantes shares everything he knows when it comes to growing top-quality cannabis.



Jorge Cervantes aka George Van Patten is an award-winning author and cannabis cultivator

In a new book, award-winning author and cultivator, Jorge Cervantes, shares everything he knows when it comes to growing top-quality cannabis.

Not so long ago, you didn’t have the luxury of hopping online and accessing a wealth of information on growing cannabis – you’d have to hunt down a book on the subject. 

If you were lucky, you’d get your hands on what is widely acknowledged to be the greatest book on marijuana horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Grower’s Bible by the acclaimed cultivator Jorge Cervantes. This one book set the bar for generations of growers and put them on the right path to producing top-quality cannabis.

With a friendship spanning many years, Jorge and Seedsman CEO Tom Raikes decided it was time to collaborate, and Seedsman has teamed up with the world-renowned author to offer We Grow Cannabis, Jorge’s exciting latest e-book, absolutely free.

We Grow Cannabis serves as a go-to guide for cannabis cultivation and a celebration of its art. The book is filled with over 270 beautiful photographs, images, and well-written descriptive text, giving you all you need to grow your own high-quality plants. We Grow Cannabis provides the beginner with an easy-to-follow, free to access collection of cultivation wisdom. 

Who is Jorge Cervantes?

Jorge Cervantes is the nom de plume of award-winning author and cannabis cultivator George Van Patten, whose reputation in cannabis circles began to soar in the 1980s. Van Patten took the name of Jorge Cervantes and donned a disguise of black dreadlocks and a beret to conceal his true identity, allowing him to enter various countries to build on his wealth of knowledge. 

Under the Cervantes alias, he started self-publishing books on cannabis cultivation, mainly because most publishers refused to work with him based on the content. Beginning with Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, which ultimately transformed into the more comprehensive Marijuana Horticulture, and went on to sell over a million copies worldwide.

With over 1 million books sold, Jorge has cemented a reputation the best-selling author in the field of cannabis cultivation, having written a series of published works detailing his expertise in many aspects of cultivation including indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing. His mission is to help growers around the world cultivate higher yields and better-quality cannabis via his celebrated books.

Who is Seedsman?

Established in 2003, Seedsman stands proudly as one of the world’s most complete seed banks, offering some of the finest genetics available anywhere today. With a comprehensive range including their own genetics, Seedsman boasts a library of cannabis seeds including award-winning strains from some of the world’s best breeders.

As the first seed banks to commercialise autoflowering and CBD genetics, Seedsman passionately innovates within the cannabis industry, bringing the best of old and new varieties to the market. Genetic diversity is a priority at Seedsman, offering more than 650 cultivars in an ever-expanding range of seeds that caters to the needs of every medical and adult user.

Why Seedsman and Jorge got together

Seedsman CEO Tom Raikes and Jorge Cervantes have enjoyed a friendship spanning many years. Given their respective statuses as leaders in the cannabis industry, it made sense that the time was right to collaborate. Combining their knowledge of cannabis cultivation and genetics, they, along with Seedsman’s chief scientific officer Dr Gary Yates, put plans in place to provide cannabis cultivators with an easy to access, easy to follow guidebook to producing the best cannabis possible – something everyone can achieve with the right tools.

Download the free ebook here

What happens next?

We Grow Cannabis is the first in a series of planned collaborations between Seedsman and Jorge Cervantes, with more exciting projects lined up for 2023. In the meantime, you can download your free copy of We Grow Cannabis from today.

We Grow Cannabis is my comprehensive guide to cultivation that shares the traditional cannabis community’s best tips and practices,” said Cervantes. 

“It is an honour to collaborate with Seedsman, to inspire readers to discover the magic of cannabis by making this cultivation information as accessible as possible.”

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