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BRITISH CANNABIS™ unveils new non-novel CBD food supplements range

A new range of CBD products brings innovation back to the sector in a post-novel foods world.



New white label CBD food products are back – the UK’s largest independently owned, producer, and distributor has launched a range of CBD products and ingredients that brings innovation back to the sector in a post-novel foods world.

BRITISH CANNABIS unveils its Non-Novel CBD Supplements range this quarter. The full spectrum, whole plant cannabis oils, capsules and gummies currently available in the range mirror the complex phytochemical profile of the cannabis plant, ensuring you a fuller range of cannabis-associated benefits than CBD alone. 

The range’s value lies in the traditional methods used to extract the primary cannabis oil ingredients, methods that pre-date 1997 and therefore, exempt from novel foods regulations.

Plus, with the option of adding plant terpenes, the oils can be tweaked in several ways for flavour and bring in the associated benefits of certain terpene profiles.

Despite being Non-Novel, due to being extracted without contemporary selective technologies, these full spectrum products are legal for retail sale under the misuse of drugs regulations, as they contain less than 1mg of THC per component part.

Since the April 2022 publishing of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) public list of CBD products with valid applications to remain on the UK market, innovation in the form of new CBD food supplement products has been slowed by the February 2020 pre-authorisation rule.

David Ralson, BRITISH CANNABIS, managing director, commented: “Since the launch of the FSA public list, at least eight reputable brands came on board to the BRITISH CANNABIS white labelling service, having been able to secure inclusion within our dossiers, after their previous manufacturers had been unsuccessful. However, whilst we can then ensure business continuity for them, there has been a stifling of innovation and brands in the sector.

“Now, with our non-novel CBD products, B2B customers can be excited to know that white label CBD opportunities are essentially back again!”

Aspiring new brands and existing market players alike can fill the gap in their innovation pipeline by creating products based on this range. From 250mg and 500mg full spectrum CBD oils, to sugar-free, vegan CBD gummies, and CBD capsules with an almost limitless combination of complimentary ingredients. 

Contact BRITISH CANNABIS today to start your brand at or call 0203 9652 420.

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