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Best of cannabinoid science: Alzheimer’s, binge eating disorder, ageing and hair growth

Cannabis scientist Lex Pelger brings you the latest in cannabinoid research.



Cannabis scientist Lex Pelger brings you the latest cannabinoid research with new studies exploring CBD for ageing and hair growth, plus fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, binge eating disorder and more. 

Lex Pelger is a biochemist specialising in cannabinoids and psychedelics. Here we share an extract from his newsletter, where each week he brings subscribers a concise round-up of the latest cannabis research from preclinical studies to reviews and more advanced clinical trials.

Read on to catch up on the latest research and find his previous round-up here.

Clinical trials 

THC linked to improvements in fibromyalgia patients 

In fibromyalgia patients, THC was associated with significant improvements in pain intensity, depression and quality of life, as well as a reduction in painkiller usage

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Full-spectrum CBD and jaw pain

In a patient with chronic pain of the jaw bone and muscles, full-spectrum CBD produced excellent results and remarkable improvements in quality of life.
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Hemp extracts and hair growth 

In a new case series novel full-spectrum hemp extracts had positive effects on hair regrowth in alopecia patients. 

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Veterans report improvements with cannabis 

In interviews with Canadian veterans using cannabis, most reported improvements in their overall quality of life, sleep, relationships, mood and pain.

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CBD’s bioavailability in cats

In a study on healthy cats, the bioavailability of CBD increased by up to 10 times when it was administered with a meal.
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CBD as a potential anti-ageing drug?

Researchers explore a number of studies which suggest CBD may benefit healthy longevity.

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The endocannabinoid system in binge eating disorders

A review to summarise current knowledge on the role of the endocannabinoid system in the development and maintenance of binge eating disorder. 

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Can cannabinoids help in Alzheimer’s disease?

Researchers conclude that several cannabinoids hold potential as novel therapies in Alzheimer’s disease and related depression.

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Preclinical studies

CBD and autism 

In a male mouse model of autism, CBD enhanced social interactions, according to one study.

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Hemp extracts in stress and inflammation

In a mouse model of inflammation from acute stress, pretreatment with full-spectrum hemp extracts lowered the inflammation and stress hormone response, though less effectively in females

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Cannabis leaf extract in peripheral nerve injuries 

In a mouse model of peripheral nerve injuries (one of the most complex medical conditions with no effective first-line treatment), cannabis leaf extract demonstrated the ability to restore muscle function and speed up recovery.

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High-CBD extracts in pain models 

In mouse models of several types of pain, encapsulated CBD-rich hemp extracts lowered pain with increased bioavailability.

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Lex Pelger

This is an extract taken from the weekly cannabinoid science newsletter Cannabinoids & the People, by Lex Pelger. You can sign up to receive the full edition for free here.

With a background in biochemistry, Lex Pelger writes and lectures about cannabinoid science & psychedelics. He produces the weekly cannabis science newsletter ‘Cannabinoids & the People‘ & his company White Whale Creations produces educational content, newsletters, podcasts & science archives. He also offers How-To Guides & personal consultations for using cannabinoids & psychedelics for your health. He’s written three graphic novels based on Moby-Dick about cannabis & the endocannabinoid system as well as hosting The Lex Files podcast about psychoactives, spirituality, the supernormal & science. Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter & TikTok or see all of his offerings on his Linktree.

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