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Malta gives green light to three new cannabis clubs

The country’s first harm-reduction training sessions took place in November.



A total of five cannabis associations have now received approval in Malta.

Via Newsweed 

Maltese officials have approved three new cannabis clubs as the country’s first harm reduction training sessions took place last month.

Malta’s Responsible Cannabis Use Authority (CURA) has issued three new licences to Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations (CHRAs). 

This brings the total to five clubs which have now received approval, with Sprawt, Northern Lights and NEGE joining KDD Society and Ta’ Zelli which were licensed in early November.

Regulations state that only associations listed on the CURA website can cultivate and distribute cannabis to their members. Membership is limited to residents of Malta over the age of 18 and a copy of their identity card must be provided to the association as proof of age and address.

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Risk reduction training for cannabis clubs

CURA also conducted the first risk reduction training for licensed CHRAs and CHRAs in progress. The training sessions, which were held on November 28 and 29, 2023, provided participants with an understanding of harm-reduction practices and the essential role that CHRAs play in promoting responsible cannabis use.

Tom Decorte from Ghent University and Karen Mamo from CURA were among the speakers who delved into the historical and operational aspects of a risk and damage reduction approach as reported by LovinMalta.

Speakers highlighted the complex relationship between public health and the regulation of non-medical use of cannabis, emphasising the need for tools and attention tailored to different social groups of cannabis users.

Drawing on international experiences in Belgium, Spain, the United States and Uruguay, the speakers highlighted the importance of maintaining the ‘social’ aspect of ACHR as a protective factor against the potential risks associated with cannabis consumption.

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Mr Leonid McKay, President of CURA, spoke about the critical role ACHR will play in the coming months as active agents of positive change. 

He welcomed the commitment of cannabis clubs to promote risk and harm reduction approaches and to support CURA in evidence-based research protocols and education campaigns on responsible use of cannabis.

The two-day program also addressed crucial operational aspects of ACHRs and the importance of data collection for research purposes, paving the way for informed decision-making and future advancements in cannabis regulation on the island of Malta.

This article was originally published by Newsweed and is reprinted here with permission. 

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