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Moods & Bears launches CBD-infused honey range



Moods & Bears, the health food brand, has launched a new collections of natural and organic CBD infused honeys.

“Capturing the delicious notes of Honeydew, Lime and Acacia, the ‘Organic’ series reflects the positive benefits of better sleep, energy, and positivity”, the company says.

Co-founder Joachim Gartner says: “We wanted our first ranges of premium honeys to be a delightful, tasty treat for the palate that also pack in all the health benefits and pleasure of CBD. Full of nutrients and antioxidants, each honey has a unique flavour carefully cultivated from a wide variety of tree and plant pollens.

“For millennia, hemp has also been highly valued for its fibre, as food and medicine, and for its religious and recreational use. We elevate these much-honoured traditions using the latest technology to obtain the highest quality and concentration of CBD oil. Our hope is to revive hemp’s rich history, helping to shape a future where everyone has the opportunity to easily incorporate CBD into their daily routine.”

Moods & Bears says it brings together “the expertise of a leading international medical cannabis company with British honey specialists to develop the most precise concentrations and reliable CBD product available on the market”.

Honeys from both collections are available in 227g jars with 500mg CBD, and 340g jars with 1000mg CBD. Prices start from £25.50 GBP.



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