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Always Pure Organics: Supporting children with epilepsy in Japan



Green Zone Japan is a Japanese medical cannabis advocacy group

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Always Pure Organics is proud to be supporting the “Midori-no-wa (Green Circle) project for children with intractable epilepsy in Japan” with Green Zone Japan.

Green Zone Japan is a Japanese medical cannabis advocacy group focusing on bringing evidence-based, accurate and up-to-date information on medical cannabis to Japanese medical professionals and the general public.

Since June 2020, Always Pure Organics have supported around 30 patients  and amongst them, seven patients including a two-year-old girl, whose seizures have been completely eliminated by their THC Free Distillate.  

One of the challenges encountered in the Japanese market is that, due to being unable to manufacture source material domestically, people rely on imported products; this drives up retail prices, making it extremely difficult for anyone to use high enough dosages to be therapeutically effective on a continual basis.

Therefore, Always Pure Organics decided to offer their support by providing paediatric patients access to therapeutic level doses of CBD products at an affordable price. This is done with the understanding and consent of the patients’ primary doctors so as not to disturb their treatment regimen and to cause adverse drug interactions.

Always Pure Organics’ Regional Director – Asia, Chikako Yoshida, talks about her drive to get Always Pure Organics involved in spearheading this project: 

“I feel it’s my life’s mission to support kids and their families who fight against illness and sickness by providing them with cannabis products. I wish I could have done the same to help my youngest brother who passed away 25 years ago from leukemia,” she said.

For more information on the project and the CBD landscape in Japan read Always Pure Organics blog post on the subject here.

Always Pure Organics aim to be the driving force behind the global understanding, research, education, and ultimately distribution of cannabis derived products.

We offer the highest quality wholesale legal cannabis and cannabinoid products, as bulk ingredients, bulk products, white label, and bespoke formulations. This is coupled with regulatory and legal expertise and supported by delivery within three working days across Europe.

Our unique bespoke formulation products allow our customers to create their own product from scratch, whilst we provide the regulatory and product knowledge, as well as production of the product.

To find out more about how Always Pure Organics can support your business on their CBD journey visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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