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Euphoria, without the hangover? The new hemp-based, alcohol-free spirit



Spirited Euphoria aims to replace the relaxation effects of alcohol without the downsides the next day.

A new hemp-based ‘spirit’ – from the creators of Seedlip – claims to trigger the feelings of pleasure and relaxation which we look for in alcohol, without the unwanted after-effects the next day. 

With many of us looking for a release or ritual to break up the working-from-home lifestyle, a new high-end hemp spirit is promising to help you unwind, without the downsides the next day. 

Spirited Euphoria is a non-alcoholic distilled endorphin spirit from the newly established Endorphin Dealer Institute (Edi).

It aims to replace the effects of alcohol thanks to its unique blend of hemp, CBD, nootropics and adaptogens, that trigger feelings of pleasure and relaxation, without the hangover brought on by alcohol.  

Expertly crafted by Anthony Wilson – the master distiller also behind the creation of Seedlip – Spirited Euphoria is made from natural hemp terpenes and CBD isolate.

The ingredients combine with natural cognitive-enhancing nootropics and relaxing adaptogens to help people feel good and unwind after a busy day, without inebriation.

Spirited Euphoria is pitched as ideal for occasions such as wanting to avoid drinking alcohol on a night out, unwinding the night before a big day at work, a social gathering where you want to stay ‘switched on’, or simply as part of a longer-term goal to drink less, or more mindfully. 

The beneficial effects of Spirited Euphoria’s nootropic blend are said to build over a period of time to create the ‘Edi Effect’ – a noticeable ‘feel-good’ sensation, with no ‘morning after’. 

The active functional ingredients work together to create the effect – which everyone experiences in their own way – but is typically an uplifted and relaxed feeling created from the endorphin effects of hemp, nootropics and adaptogens.  

Spirited Euphoria co-founders Jean-Éric Vergne and Alexander Jakobi

The two co-founders behind the launch of Spirited Euphoria are Formula E racing futurists – a motorsport championship that uses only electric cars – are world-renowned French racing driver Jean-Éric Vergne and lawyer and Formula E founding team member Alexander Jakobi.

In 2019, in the sunshine by a pool in Santiago, the pair realised they needed a new kind of drink. They wanted to relax, but also remain sharp for a race the following day – a release, but without the effects of alcohol. 

They’d seen firsthand how to disrupt racing without petrol and so set their sights on creating feel-good spirits without alcohol. 

They partnered with drink innovators Anthony Wilson and Helene Locke to bring their vision to life.

“Drinking, its effects, and the ways we socialise have been untouched for thousands of years,” says Jean-Éric.

“Spirited Euphoria changes that, offering a refined way to relax and feel good in certain occasions and at certain times when alcohol isn’t quite right, but when that ‘unwinding’ sensation might still be appreciated.”

Alexander adds: “Spirited Euphoria’s new kind of alcohol-free enjoyment offers something entirely different in non-alcoholic spirits. Alongside its pleasurable feel-good endorphin effect and zero hangover, it also brings to life the beautiful and intriguing range and variety of natural hemp flavours offering something really quite special.”

Spirited Euphoria contains just two calories per serve, is THC-free, alcohol-free, vegan, sugar, carb and gluten-free and 100 percent natural.  

Its aromatic balance of citrus green, herbaceous hemp and peppery spice flavours, followed by its smooth, woody finish is said to mix well with plain or flavoured soda water and tonic, served over ice with a twist of fresh orange peel, or a dash of orange bitters.

Spirited Euphoria is Edi’s first release in its range of luxury distilled endorphin spirits. A second is due to be launched in the summer, followed by a third in 2022.

It’s available from at £39.99 (70cl).

Food & Drink

Four prefect pairings for Rebel Wine’s CBD-infused red



Rebel Wine CBD-infused red
Rebel Wine's CBD-infused red is perfect for summer barbecues

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As the weather warms up you might be tempted to reach for the rose, but red comes into its own at a summer barbecue, write the Rebel Wine team.

While the seasons for white and rose wines approaches;  our crisp chilled Sauvignon Blanc and our fabulous Rose never taste better than on a summer evening amongst friends, but red wine is also great and not just for those winter nights.

Our red Merlot pairs perfectly with barbecues in summer, hearty stews and roasts in winter and is great to serve chilled for a summer evening; red really does tick the ‘year round’ box.

Rebel Wine in a can was developed to be easily portable, lightweight, recyclable and perfect for outdoor events such as festivals, picnics and parties and now that outdoor events will take place this year, it’s time to try it and buy it.

Rebel is great to drink at anytime.


Who doesn’t love a picnic and at Rebel Towers we like nothing more than popping a few cans in our pockets and hiking up the nearest hill with a ready-made sandwich.


Red wine and pasta, a match made in heaven.  Serve our delicious and rounded Merlot with spaghetti bolognese or roasted vegetable lasagne.


Stilton is a wonderful British cheese, steeped in history and with biscuits, pairs brilliantly with our Red Rebel. Our medium bodied red perfectly offsets the rich, mellow taste of Stilton.

Barbecues (or Braii as they are known in South Africa)

Rebel wine is made from South African wine from the Vondeling Estate. These are fabulous award winning wines in their own right so you are getting a great drink straight away. In South Africa, the Braii is hugely popular – of course the weather is perfect for alfresco eating nearly all year.

Our weather is slightly less predictable but wherever you choose to eat, don’t forget your Rebel Red to accompany your meal.


You can explore your own favourite food pairings with our wine drinks with an extra 12% off.

Use the code FREEDOM12 at checkout.

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Four mood-boosting CBD recipes from chef Georgia Levy



CBD biscuits
Foods like dark chocolate, turmeric and brazil nuts combined with CBD could help reduce anxiety.

We know CBD can be great if you need a mood-boost, but have you considered using it to enhance your food as well?

Georgia Levy, in-house CBD chef for mellow, an online marketplace for global CBD wellness brands, has shared her top tips on how to use CBD oil to supercharge your food to suit your different wellness needs.


Breakfast boost

If you are after a well-needed energy boost in the morning, an ‘energy’ focused CBD oil is fantastic to put into porridge or overnight oats. 

Try combining rolled oats, chia seeds, chopped nuts (almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts are perfect), seeds (such as pumpkin or sunflower seeds), plus your choice of fruit with two drops of a good quality CBD oil. 

Porridge oats CBD RECIPE

CBD oil is fantastic to put into porridge or overnight oats. 

This breakfast recipe is packed with goodness and slow releasing energy, leaving you ready to tackle the day. If you suffer from afternoon energy slumps, another way to get a CBD-infused energy boost is homemade energy balls. 

Just combine dried fruit, nuts, seeds and something sweet with a few drops of your CBD oil.


Recovery smoothie

CBD can help recovery after a workout, so it’s a great addition to a post-workout smoothie. Try combining a few drops of your favourite ‘recovery’ focused CBD oil with yoghurt, banana and berries and your milk of choice. 

If you fancy something more substantial, why not make a recovery salad dressing to pair with protein and vegetables. I make mine by combining, vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey and olive oil with a few drops of my favourite CBD oil.

CBD chef Georgia Levy

CBD chef Georgia Levy

Balancing biscuits 

A lot of people take CBD to help manage feelings of anxiety. It is also said that foods like dark chocolate, turmeric and brazil nuts help reduce anxiety. 

If you are about to jump on a work Zoom call that you are feeling stressed about, having a stash of homemade biscuits combining ‘calm’ focused CBD oil, dark chocolate and brazil nuts to munch on may help to calm your nerves and give you a chocolate hit. Combine these ingredients with butter, flour, sugar and an egg.

Dreamy hot chocolate

CBD can help you fall asleep more easily. Mix up the way you take CBD at night time by making a ‘sleep’ focused CBD oil-infused hot chocolate for a restful night. Mix together cocoa, sugar or honey and your favourite type of milk with your CBD oil.

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Food & Drink

Easy ideas for the perfect picnic with friends



Rebel's CBD-infused wine is the perfect addition to any picnic with friends

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Now that lockdown restrictions are lifting, the Rebel Wine team can’t wait to catch up with friends for a picnic in the great outdoors.

We love a picnic and are so excited to finally be able to catch up with friends.

We also like to share our picnic ideas, taking along our CBD-infused Rebel Wine.

The best thing about a can of wine of course is that no glasses are required, the cans are easily recycled, are light to carry and they look pretty too.

Our white Sauvignon Blanc Rebel is perfect with some incredible summer salads. Try goats cheese, with a Mediterranean salad, a dash of olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper served with crusty French bread. 

Take pots of ready-made chocolate mousse, with fresh strawberries and shortbread to dip.

With our superb Rose Rebel, we suggest a mezze style spread with fresh houmous, stuffed vine leaves, cured meats, olives, smokey pickled garlic, sun dried tomatoes, cucumber slices and lots of pitta bread. Finish off with melon and mango slices and a chocolate brownie or two.

To pair with our Red Rebel, a fabulous Merlot with a medium bodied, soft flavour, we suggest a full cheese board including stilton, gorgonzola, gouda and a strong cheddar – to name just a few!  

Wine works particularly well with cheese as the acidity and sweetness of a well-paired wine cuts through the creamy barrier of the cheese and unlocks the fuller flavour. Add lots of Rustic biscuits, figs and nuts to finish the plate.

And of course, don’t forget your rugs, chairs, napkins, paper plates, knives and forks.

Why CBD with wine?  

Our CBD is derived from a natural organic hemp infusion. CBD oil can have an earthy, bitter taste, but combining hemp with quality award winning wine, there is no aftertaste. If you enjoy a glass of wine and already take CBD, this is the perfect combination.

Taking CBD as part of a healthy lifestyle choice is perfectly legal in the UK and will not give you a ‘high’.

Cannabis Health readers can use the code Freedom12 at checkout for a 12% discount

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