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Always Pure Organics: CBG in skincare

Research suggests that CBG could be an even more effective antioxidant than vitamin C



CBG: Always Pure Organics banner on how CBG works

Cannabigerol (CBG) is gaining popularity in the beauty world. Always Pure Organics explains the benefits of CBG and how it works.

Known for its health properties, the extract has become popular within the skincare industry due to its possible antioxidative properties.

CBG: Always Pure Organics banner on how CBG works

As a minor cannabinoid, it is present at a low concentration in the Cannabis Sativa plant; research thus far has indicated many pharmaceuticals, medicinal, or cosmetic applications of the extract. With the new and ongoing research studies being conducted, it is possible to know more about how and why CBG should be incorporated into a skincare routine.

The ‘entourage effect’ is a process that explains how cannabinoids work synergistically within the body to help promote homeostasis. Hence, if we mix it with Cannabidiol (CBD), they will be more effective together than either would be alone.

Most current products available on the market focus on the benefits of the CBD extract exclusively, however, there could be many possible advantages to combining these pre-existing CBD products with the CBG extract.

Always Pure Organics’ CBG Beauty Booster Drops can be combined with CBD products like lotions and balms, they can also be used separately as a serum before the application of a cream.

The combination of the two cannabinoids allows both products to work synergistically and achieve better results. The entourage effect is also the reason why products like broad-spectrum distillates are becoming increasingly popular.

CBG: A diagram on CBG

Skincare benefits

There may, however, be benefits that are exclusive to cannabigerol, which warrants the inclusion of the extract as a skincare staple.

One such feature of CBG is that the extract is antimicrobial, the Cannabis sativa plant has in fact been known for its antimicrobial benefits for years.

The studies, however, were conducted when the phytochemistry of the plant was not broadly discovered so it did not relate to any specific, structurally defined cannabinoid. Nevertheless, with the current knowledge about cannabinoids, it is possible to predict the impact they may have on skin health.

Furthermore, recent studies imply that CBG inhibits the growth of different acne-generative bacteria strains, such as Staphylococcus aureus, which is a known strain of bacteria that causes acne. Another crucial feature of CBG that could be incredibly useful in skincare is its antioxidative properties.

Some research suggests that the CBG extract has the potential to be an even more effective antioxidant than vitamin C, which is one of the commonly used antioxidants in the beauty industry. It was demonstrated that CBG reduces oxidative radicals in the dermis and hence, indicate antioxidative activity.

Due to these purported antioxidant properties, CBG could be incorporated into a daily skincare routine as an anti-ageing ingredient. Another feature that could make CBG an ideal component in skincare is that it is not prone to causing any skin or eye irritation.

CBG and inflammation

So how does the CBG prevent or reduce inflammation?

The CBG extract can modulate cytokines by inhibiting the activation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Encouraging studies on CBG in the lungs suggest that CBG can act as an anti-inflammatory, however, further studies are required to confirm the anti-inflammatory activity of CBG on the skin.

Cytokines are immunoregulatory protein molecules, which influence the response of proinflammatory cytokine (which causes inflammation) [8]. Therefore, it can be assumed that reducing the number of proinflammatory cytokines in the skin layers can positively impact anti-inflammatory effects.

Schutez et. al. conducted a study that demonstrates CBG activity in stopping the UVA-induced cytokine production in the dermis and epidermis. In addition to this, CBG was recently discovered to be just as beneficial as CBD as an anti-inflammatory device.

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