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Portugal hosts third international conference on medical cannabis

Speakers include world-leading experts, Dr Bonni Goldstein, Dr Dani Gordon and Dr Carl Hart.



Portugal hosts third international conference on medical cannabis
Portugal has established itself as a hub for medical cannabis in Europe

World-leading experts are set to share their insights at Portugal’s international conference on medical cannabis next week.

The third Portugal Medical Cannabis Conference (PTMC), will take place in Lisbon from 16-17 June, with a line up of leaders in the field.

The event will aim to address the myths and facts associated with cannabis and psychosis and the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in paediatrics, particularly in childhood conditions such as autism, cancer and epilepsy.

The growing trend toward the legalisation of cannabis worldwide leaves no room for doubt: cannabis does have the potential to treat various pathologies and more and more countries are opting for its regulation.

However, the lack of information and training, particularly among health professionals still prevents a broad use of the therapy.

Speakers include, Dr Bonni Goldstein, a leading paediatrician based in Los Angeles, Dr Dani Gordon, a cannabis expert and physician based in London, and Dr Carl Hart, professor of psychology at Columbia University, New York.

They are among more than 20 experts who will talk about their experience and show successful cases of treatment with cannabinoids.

Portugal is one of the largest cannabis producers in the world, having exported more than 30 tonnes of cannabis flower in 2021, an increase of 566 per cent compared to 2020.

In recent years, it has established itself as a hub for medical cannabis in Europe, with 18 companies already licensed to produce and more than 80 with a pre-license granted by Infarmed.

Having already generated billions of Euros of revenue in many countries, the cannabis industry is set to generate huge employment opportunities worldwide in the coming years.

As well as the medicinal benefits, PTMC will discuss the economic potential of cannabis, bringing CEOs, analysts and consultants to talk about the businesses and investments associated with this millenary plant.

Tej Virk, Akanda’s CEO, Alfredo Pascual, vice-president of investment analysis at Seed Innovations, Jaime Gil-Robles from AgroPharm, will be just some of the speakers appearing on the second day of the conference.

The two-day event will finish with a business networking sunset party, aboard a catamaran on the Tagus River, with a saxophone-DJ duo and an open bar with hemp-infused drinks and dinner.

PTMC – Portugal Medical Cannabis – is organised by CannaReporter, a non-profit organisation dedicated to disseminating better information about cannabis.

Since 2018, it has brought to Portugal some of the most renowned doctors, scientists and researchers, who have discussed and demonstrated the latest advances in science surrounding medical cannabis.

PTMC is offering a 75 per cent discount to health professionals or students who send a valid professional card to the conference organisers at

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