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How to choose a CBD product you can trust

Kannakan discusses the importance of transparency in the CBD industry.



How to choose a CBD product you can trust

Liverpool-based CBD company Kannakan discusses the importance of transparency in the CBD industry and how consumers can find a product they can trust.

CBD continues to soar in popularity, having rapidly become one of the most widely-used supplements in the health and wellness space. While CBD has helped millions of people manage pain, sleep and mood, some consumers might not always be getting what they pay for. 

As the CBD industry remains poorly regulated, it’s important to be prudent when choosing which CBD brand to put your trust in. 

The founder of Kannakan, launched his company in 2018 after he was misled when purchasing CBD oil for a relative. Frustrated by the misinformation he found across the industry, he launched his own business which prioritised quality and transparency.

“I was misled when I first bought CBD”

When Kannakan’s owner first sought out CBD in 2016, he purchased an oil for a relative suffering from cancer, what he thought was a full-spectrum product was in fact an isolate. Isolate CBD contains pure cannabidiol while full-spectrum products contain the original chemical makeup of the plant. 

This includes other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and trace amounts of THC along with terpenes and flavonoids which are believed to provide additional benefits when they’re consumed together (also known as the entourage effect) 

Although the industry is improving, there are still cases of mislabelling and misinformation that could trip up first-time buyers. 

For example, some manufacturers will add CBD isolate to their full-spectrum extract to increase the CBD concentration. While this is completely safe and legal, it may come as a surprise to some consumers expecting a purely whole-plant extract. 

How to choose a trustworthy CBD brand

To avoid being sold a mislabelled product, seek out companies that make their lab reports readily available, such as Kannakan. 

A certificate of analysis is the first document to look for. This shows the chemical makeup of the product, and confirms its potency. If you can’t easily find an up-to-date certificate of analysis this is an immediate warning sign. 

Kannakan makes all its lab reports available via its website. These reports outline the proportion of different cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds to make sure what a company prints on its label is what you’ll find in the bottle.

Some companies may also analyse their products for pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities. While this would certainly help you determine a product’s safety, a recent report found that just seven per cent of European CBD brands carry out such tests. 

Looking for a full-spectrum CBD oil?

If you’re looking to buy whole-plant CBD oil, Kannakan recommends starting with its 10 per cent full spectrum CBD oil. The MCT-based oil contains CBD, CBG, CBDV and a range of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

All of the company’s CBD oils are made from 100 per cent full spectrum hemp extract and contain at least five naturally occurring cannabinoids and a wide range of cannabis-derived terpenes.

Kannakan also sells a CBD distillate which forms the base of the company’s other oils. Distilled in ethanol, the end product contains over 90 per cent cannabinoids. 

This is the right choice for anyone looking for pure CBD oil. As the oil is so potent, it is also perfect for blending into cosmetic products such as CBD balm and CBD cream.

Head to Kannakan’s website to explore its range of CBD oil, CBD isolate, CBD vape e-liquid and more.

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