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The CBD brand ‘leading the race’ for novel food approval



A UK CBD brand believes it is on track to be the first to secure novel food status next spring.

Pure Sport CBD has set its sights on being the first to obtain approval from the Food Standards Authority (FSA) next year.

The brand, which was co-founded by professional rugby player and former Bedford Blues halfback Grayson Hart, welcomed the new regulations which require CBD companies to apply for novel food status by March 31, 2021.

After this date, only products which have his will be allowed to remain on the market.

Hart discovered CBD following a knee injury and set up the brand in 2018 to give other athletes a natural alternative to opioids to deal with pain and inflammation.

Tested by the most advanced cannabinoid testing kit in the world, Pure Sport’s range of CBD products are now used by hundreds of professional athletes who are subject to rigorous drug testing.

According to Grayson Pure Sport is set to be one of the first to obtain approval from the FSA and is confident they meet the Government’s criteria, being one of only four CBD brands in the world to be certified by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG).

He welcomed the new regulations as a positive for both consumers and CBD companies, saying it was ‘about time’.

“It’s a massively positive step for the CBD industry that is going to eradicate a lot of companies that are not up to standard.

“In our eyes, it’s about time because there are brands out there that are providing poor quality products, which is not good for the consumer. With poor quality products, the consumer won’t have a good experience and they are paying good money, that’s tarnishing the industry,” he said.

“Our brand was founded upon providing the most transparent and certified CBD products available in order for athletes to be able to take it. We already have the most stringent lab reports you can find”

Pure Sport CBD has seen sales soar by 500% over 2020, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with a 25% increase in October since tighter lockdown restrictions were announced.

“You should see our inbox. We could make a World XV five times over with guys who are using our products – we have easily over 300 professional players across the globe, “he added.

“In addition to athletes, we also supply CBD to manage medical conditions and have a huge number of positive testimonials from the public on the impact of CBD on conditions from arthritis to Motor Neurone Disease.”


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