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British Cannabis™ launches first CBG wellness product

The Synergy Rescue Cream is a fusion of two powerful cannabinoids: CBD and CBG.



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British Cannabis™ has released its first cannabigerol-based product with the debut of Synergy Rescue Cream, a fusion of two powerful cannabinoids: CBD and CBG.

British Cannabis™, registered as CBD Health Foods Ltd, has paved the way for availability, quality and legitimacy of CBD consumer products since 2015. 

Over that time, over half a million own-brand product units and a further half-million white label product units ‘Powered by British Cannabis’ have been shipped to consumers, including thousands of CBD topical and cosmetic products.

Today (Wednesday 16 November) a new extension of the award-winning CBD Rescue Cream® brand debuts on – Synergy CBG + CBD Rescue Cream®. 

This range, in its original CBD formula, has been on the market since 2019, winning awards along the way and being the first cannabis cosmetic in the UK to undergo clinical trials for skin benefits.

This is the company’s first product release with added cannabigerol (CBG), a powerful, naturally extracted compound of the Cannabis sativa L. plant which, in combination with the attributes of the better-known CBD (cannabidiol) compound, brings a plethora of added benefits to skin.

Synergy CBD Rescue Cream® is a soft, natural cream delivered alongside two natural, legal cannabis plant extracts, Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG), working together in synergy to create one of the most  complete skin care products available today.

Synergy CBG + CBD Rescue Cream®

Synergy CBG + CBD Rescue Cream® 250mg – £24.99

On release, the Synergy Rescue Cream® range will be available at the following recommended retail prices:

Synergy CBG + CBD Rescue Cream® 250mg – £24.99 (November 2022)

Synergy CBG + CBD Rescue Cream® 500mg – £44.99 (November 2022)

Synergy+ CBG + CBD Rescue Cream® 250mg – £29.99 (2023)

Synergy+ CBG + CBD Rescue Cream® 500mg – £49.99 (2023)

British Cannabis™ launches first CBG wellness product

Synergy CBG + CBD Rescue Cream® 500mg – £44.99 (November 2022)

The market for CBD cosmetics is estimated to have reached over £180 million 2022 in the UK alone (CBD Intel), with growth predicted to exceed £250 million by 2025.

Steve Batchelor, marketing director at British Cannabis™, commented: “The UK’s first cannabis cosmetic to undertake clinical trials is now all the better from having an extra added active ingredient, CBG, in its formula. This range extension takes the Independent Community Pharmacist magazine’s CBD Product of The Year (2020) and enhances it with even more plant power.”

David Ralson, managing director for British Cannabis™, added: “Our consumers have relied on the CBD Rescue Cream® formula’s clinically proven ability to soothe, repair and restore damaged skin for three years. 

“Now, with the purported anti-inflammatory benefits of CBG, the Rescue Cream® range is now an even better choice for those looking to defend their skin from the upcoming winter elements, which can greatly affect conditions like eczema. This formula is now also available to our White Label brand customers, so the power of CBD and CBG in synergy can be brought to other brands as well.”

CEO Thomas Whettem, summed up: “This is a formula that we have been excited about for quite a while. More still is in store for 2023, when Synergy+ (Synergy Plus) Rescue Cream debuts, with further topical benefits via the infusion of natural cannabis root extract. These extracts will be harvested from our very own European research hemp farm, another added benefit from all we do to bring people the best consumer cannabis products possible.”

To enquire about stocking this product, email or visit Synergy CBG + CBD

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