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What is the best CBD to take for post workout pain?



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CBD may not be the first thing you think of when packing your bag for the gym, but studies show it might be handy for those post-gym pains.

When we use new muscles at the gym or during a workout, our bodies can sometimes feel sore for a day or two afterwards. High-intensity or fast-paced exercises can cause tiny tears in the muscle fibres. The body reacts by creating inflammation which can lead to delayed soreness in the muscles.

A study on rats from 2016 revealed that daily doses of CBD may help to decrease joint pain and inflammation in rats with arthritis.

Here are some of the best ways to incorporate CBD into your gym routine


There are a lot of CBD beverages on the market from water to energy drinks. It can be a slow-release dose of CBD that can help to keep inflammation at bay while you work out.

Any CBD that is ingested as food or drink has to travel through the digestive system to be broken down and absorbed. This is referred to as the first pass system. Sadly this means that the CBD is broken down which can lead to lower levels being absorbed.

It’s easy to make your own CBD drink by adding water-soluble CBD to your normal workout water. An oil-based CBD may let the CBD float on the surface but if it is water-soluble then it can be mixed in.

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Protein powder

There are some companies offering CBD protein powders. Protein powders are a popular nutritional supplement that can be added to water or smoothies. They help to build muscle, repair tissues, produce enzymes and hormones. It can also help with weight loss and muscle toning.

There are several types of powders that contain soy, hemp, casein, whey and pea. Hemp is an excellent choice for anyone following a vegan diet. It is also rich in essential fatty acids.


A patch can provide a slow release of CBD throughout a workout. It can also be placed directly on top of the sore point on the body. Any CBD taken orally has to pass through the digestive system first before it can be absorbed into the blood however patches allow more of it to pass through quickly as it bypasses the first pass system.

They can also be worn for days providing comfortable relief that isn’t reliant on someone taking a dose every day. One downside to the patches is that the adhesive can sometimes be an irritant to people with allergies to glue.


It’s always a great idea to have a balm or cream on hand for application straight after hitting the showers. Topicals are great for massaging into the skin when pain develops after a workout.

Much the same as patches, they can be applied directly to the source of the pain. There are also a lot of different formulas to choose from including lotions, creams, balms, serums or oils. Sometimes topicals can include other ingredients which are great for inflammation such as rosemary or chamomile.

Use with: It’s important to always combine CBD for muscle pain with other treatments if needed. Massage, reflexology or even a doctor visit if the pain persists are always a good idea. 

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