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Cumbria’s first CBD cafe opens its doors

West Lakes Hemp aims to educate the public about CBD



West lakes hemp CBD cafe
Cumbria's first CBD cafe opens its doors

A new CBD café has opened in Cumbria in the hope of tackling misconceptions about the cannabinoid.

The county has welcomed its first ever CBD cafe, which aims to educate the public about CBD, while serving up coffee and cakes.

After Covid-19 hindered their plans, West Lakes Hemp founders Nic Hewitt and Luke Woodend couldn’t be prouder to introduce their new venture, having waited almost 12 months to see their Cleator Moor-based CBD cafe open its doors.

The long hours, hick-ups and doubters haven’t stopped the two CBD entrepreneurs, as Nic explained: “Many long winter nights were spent at our new premises giving it the Nic and Luke feel.

“We like everything to be welcoming and friendly and we have strived to cater to all in our community.

“Neither I or Luke have ever worked in a hospitality setting, so getting used to our fancy coffee machines has been interesting and a good laugh.”

As well as CBD-infused coffee and cakes, the facility has its own private consultation room for those who need advice about trying the cannabinoid.

west lakes hemp CBD CAFE

West Lakes Hemp founders Nic Hewitt and Luke Woodend

Nic continued: “We look to educate, help, and guide those with knowledge gaps in Cumbria, as CBD is still a topic that isn’t as widely known purely down to the lack of open conversation.

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound from the cannabis plant, with several studies finding it may relieve physical pain and help combat mental health issues such as anxiety.

Finding relief in CBD

Anni Hamer an active CBD user and advocate from Carlisle has found CBD helpful in managing her chronic pain condition.

“I suffer from fibromyalgia, which is a chronic pain condition, and it affects all aspects of my life from sleeping, mood and anxiety,” she said.

“I can confidently say CBD supplements have mellowed this out, and I have seen a huge improvement in my own life, with anxiety and sleep. I feel a lot calmer and relaxed.”

Anni added: “Unfortunately, there is still a stigma attached to CBD, but this is purely down to a lack of understanding and moves like this from Nic and Luke will really help make the information and education far more accessible and approachable.”

The impact of Covid-19

Since launching in 2018, West Lakes Hemp has predominantly sold its CBD products online after Covid-19 forced the company to close its Carlisle store and focus on e-commerce. 

Luke said he realised through the pandemic just how important it was for people to be able to access CBD.

He commented: “Our CBD café has been delayed significantly by Covid, but I’m very happy to be seeing our community in real life again. 

“We have seen sales for our products soar over the last year as many have struggled with their mental health and wellbeing. It’s been very hard for us all with many working at home every day on our own, with the sense of isolation and lack of routine.”

He added: “I’m really chuffed and proud we are back and back fighting the good cause, it’s great for my own wellbeing to be experiencing that true Cumbrian community atmosphere once again. 

“The support so far has been excellent, and we really can’t fault our first week, a great start on a long journey ahead.”

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