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Jointly shares four surprising truths about cannabis consumption

Data from Jointly suggests cannabis can be a powerful tool for health and wellbeing.



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When consumed purposefully, cannabis can help you realise a new level of wellbeing, writes David Kooi of US company, Jointly.

Cannabis, consumed purposefully, makes you more, not less. We now have the data to prove it. 

This data is from more than 200,000 cannabis consumer experiences, documented on the Jointly platform.

Based on that data, we produced our six-part series on the Theory of Purposeful Cannabis Consumption

In the Theory, we prove that the stigma:

“You + Cannabis < You” (read as: You plus cannabis is less than you)


By proving that the opposite:

“You + Cannabis > You” (You plus cannabis is greater than you)

…is TRUE

Cannabis advocates have known this to be true for a long time. Our data proves they were right all along. Cannabis, consumed purposefully, helps you realise a new level of wellbeing. 

The Theory frees the modern cannabis consumer to pursue the better life that is possible through purposeful consumption, without guilt or prejudice, and armed with data. 

The four laws of purposeful consumption

The Theory is built from the framework of the Four Laws of Purposeful Consumption, which are, in turn, supported by this new data, in combination with data from other established sources. 

First Law: Plant: Cannabis is a complex plant that produces a variety of effects. The data show that product choice impacts the effectiveness of a cannabis experience by 40-57%. (Read more)

Second Law: Purposes: People use cannabis for many different productive purposes.

To relax and refresh – 22%, relieve everyday stress – 19%, improve sleep – 11%, energise and uplift – 10%, ease everyday pain – 9%, enjoy social experiences – 7%, focus and create – 7%, stimulate appetite – 6%, enhance intimacy – 3%, recover from exercise – 3%, other – 3%. (Read more)

Third Law: People: Cannabis affects each person differently. The data confirm that different people have different experiences with the same product, but that certain products perform better in statistically significant ways. (Read more) 

Fourth Law: Conditions: People realise their goals with cannabis more often when they create the conditions for a good experience. People, on average, rate the effectiveness of their experience at 6.75 out of 10 at reaching the goals listed in the 2nd law. Our data also show that factors like setting, exercise, hydration, diet, and sleep impact the effectiveness of consumer experience by 40-50%. By refining these factors, people become more likely to rate their experience a nine or a 10. (Read more)

Pie chart showing the goals of cannabis consumers by Jointly

Source: Jointly

To summarise

Cannabis is a complex plant that produces a variety of effects. People use it for many productive purposes – and report success. Cannabis affects people differently so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. People can get better results by creating the conditions for a good experience.

So, there you have it. Cannabis, consumed purposefully, increases your wellbeing. The stigma can be discarded. It was wrong all along.

You + Cannabis > You = TRUE

You + Cannabis < You = FALSE

But the stigma lives on. People are still in jail for selling and consuming cannabis. People are prevented from working in certain jobs and professions. 

There is much to do, but the data is clear. The truth is clear.

READ MORE: New data supports cannabis as a tool for health and wellbeing

The Theory of Purposeful Cannabis Consumption

The Theory proceeds from those four laws to say: A healthy lifestyle supports a good cannabis experience. And a good cannabis experience supports a healthy lifestyle.

Relaxation, exercise, being with people you love, being in places you love, eating healthy food, getting good sleep, and being properly hydrated are examples of things that make you a better you. Things that improve your wellbeing.

It turns out that those same factors that make you a better you also make for a better cannabis experience. The data show that when you’re making good healthy lifestyle choices, you’ll enjoy your cannabis more. 

The data also show that, when you create the right conditions, cannabis can improve or enhance relaxation, exercise, the taste of food, creative endeavors, being with people you love, intimacy, and getting good sleep. 

Cannabis and healthy living, it turns out, are a virtuous circle.

This plant and us. We belong together. Or so the data seem to suggest.

Note and disclaimers

The Theory omits from its calculus some additional potential benefits of cannabis consumption, like self-discovery, self-acceptance, becoming more open, and how cannabis helps connect you to people, places, and moments. These unquantifiable benefits were not required to prove the Theory. 

Cannabis consumption can come with unwanted or unintended effects. Sometimes people are successful at mitigating them. Other times they are not. Frequent users can develop a tolerance to the effects, motivating them to consume more. When it comes to purposeful consumption, less is often more.

Cannabis is for adults only, is not for everyone, and more data is needed on long-term impact.

And, finally, please pardon my abuse of scientific terms. They’re devices for making a point. No disrespect intended. Although I would love for someone to say, ‘purposeful consumption? That’s just a theory’.

David Kooi is the CEO and co-founder of Jointly, the cannabis discovery company.

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